Dormant account
Feb 26, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
I'll admit it: if I'm in between paydays, I'm going to look for a freebie. Last week I downloaded and opened accounts with casinos offering free chips, no deposit. The results ran the gamut of the customer service track. GOLDKEY says the passwords I entered when trying to open my account (select p/w and verify p/w)dont match. That's total BS. Capital said I requested my $10 using an invalid account number -- right. I requested it via email in which I did a cut and past from their original "welcome" email to be sure it was correct. I even emailed them back with a COPY OF THEIR EMAIL. No response. Cybersports book wants 5 business days. It's been longer, no bonus. My take on this issue is, if I'm viable enough to open an account (including registering my credit card(s)) then credit my account now. And if you have to have 5 business days to cough up a lousy $10 (or worse, yet, gamble yourselves that I'll get impatient and play with my own money up front) then you're probasbly not a financially stable organization and I'm better off putting my bucks elsewhere. As the saying goes, "if you loan a man $20 and never see him again, it was probably a good investment"!
Count me in on the complaint of the "freebie-no deposit req." thread! And I can add a few casinos to ALLZFAIR's list. Do these casinos think that kind of service will lead to players depositing THEIR money when such a hassle arises over a free ten spot? Since I seldom enjoy the thrill of a cashout, they lost more money in the long run than their piddley $10! BAD public relations.

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