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Hi Guys

This is my first post, sorry that it has to be a complaint. Its hard to know where to start, so please bear with me.

Back in January I joined a well know and respected casino, I deposited 100 and received a 100 bonus (this is not a bonus complaint by the way) I played and did quite well and finished with a balance of 260. I tranfered that 260 back to the Sportsbook. A week of so later I played again. I transfered 30 from the Sportsbook to the casino and received at 25 monthly bonus. At this point I had 230 in the Sportsbook and 30 in the casino. Again I played and did quite well, finishing with a casino balance of 88 including the 25 bonus.
This is where it all started to go wrong, I attempted to transfere the 88 back to the sportsbook. And the money just vanished. My casino balance now showed 0 and my Sportsbook balance showed the same 230

For the last 5 months I have been emailing support trying to get them to sort this out, I have sent them scans showing clearly that there was 88 in my casino account, and asking them what has happened to it. They seem to be completely incompident, or just to lazy to chect it out. They keep insisting that no tansaction took play between the Casino and the Sportsbook for a 88 transfere. Hell I know that already, thats the problem. They never answer the simple question of where the money that was in my casino account has gone.

I only ever made 1 deposit, I never made a withdrawal, and I only played twice in the casino, how hard can it be to do a audit of my account.
Im at my wits end, what more can I do, when no-one at this casino seems to have a braincell between them

I could post the screenshots of my casino account dated 21st January, clearly showing the 88 balance, and my account statement now showinng a zero casino balance, plus other statements proving that no withdrawal has ever been made and no further play has taken place to lose the 88 if that would help/is alowed.

Just dont know what to do next. Thanks for reading this.
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Kimberley, I've just received your PAB on this same issue ... and that's usually not a great idea. I realize that you don't name the casino here but everyone is going to want to know what it is, etc.

In other words this thread is going to drag the issue out onto the boards and that seriously compromises the PAB process, as in it makes my job handling your grievance with the casino via the PAB virtually unworkable.

So, my suggestion is that you choose one: either let this thread stand as is and we'll put the PAB on hold, or we run with the PAB and you hold off on discussing the issue in detail here until that process has run it's course.

Let me know which way you want to go on this. Until that's settled I won't be submitting the PAB.

Later: Ooops, correction, you've already named the casino in the thread title ... I'm going to assume that's a mistake and rename the thread.


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Hi Maxd

Yes Im sorry, feel free to delete the thread. I would really like you to deal with this, I have been told you very good at this sort of thing. I am not, just a 5 month losing battle so far for me.

I will go with you please


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Thanks Maxd

They paid up several weeks ago and I only just noticed, they didnt even send me an email or apologise. Thanks for sorting this out I had given up

For anyone thats interested it was Eurobet and their support sucks big time lol


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:thumbsup:Maxd, you do a great job for players here.

Maybe I should be taking more screenshots in case I ever run into problems somewhere.