Nice To Look At


Well done, i won it in Feb when it was Tomb Raider. Very nice also with the AU$ going down against the US$ that has to be worth around $7400 AU$.


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Those are surprising low scores:what:

Normally, 440000 doesn't even make it into the top 17.

Maybe the SEVERE problems over the weekend had something to do with it:rolleyes:

I would have played the weekender, but for FOUR &*^%$$ DAYS I just COULD NOT GET IN TO ANY *&^%$ TOURNAMENT:mad::mad::mad::mad:

I was NOT alone in this either.

This was a farce equal to that of last year when the MPV was so screwed up one weekend that Fortune Lounge resheduled tournaments because so few were able to take part, and no tech staff were available over the weekend.

Strangely enough though, I created an account at Go Wild, and although I had no funds, I clicked on a tournament out of curiosity - BANG, straight in - verify my alias (pity I had no funds, I could have finally got into the weekender).

WHY is this Mr Brickman?

How can MPV be down for 4 days at the Factory, yet be working at the new Go Wild casino:confused:. This PROVES beyond any doubt it is YOUR END that was responsible, and not MINE (else I would have the same problems at ALL MG casinos).

WE are STILL in the dark as to what the *&^% is going on with MPV, how about some answers:mad:


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I think you are right VWM. 25 pages equates to slightly more than 400 players but then we should congratulate Jeanway even more to pick such an opportune time to win.


VWM ,most times the tourny winners are around the 400k plus mark, the odd one will get 600k but if i got the 440 she got i would be very dissapointed if i was not in the top 5.