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Was it John Cleese who said "Spam Spam Spam!!!" ?
Please no dough for this spam HO!


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That's got to be the stupidest thing I've seen done here in a while. Banned for 30 days.


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Actually looks like a paper I'd get from one of my freshman college students. :rolleyes:


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CasinoFreak said:
Found this nice place for
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. Anyone else been there?
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Roflmao :D


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Spam yes but you have to give him some credit here. Casinomeister forum pages probably get indexed by Google. As he linked to his site using the "online roulette" phrase in the thread body, and as those words appear quite a few times in the thread now, he will benefit a tiny bit from a Casinomeister "backlink" when it gets indexed. Not a lot, but they all add up.

Ah the world of SEO ... :)

Now of course those who use the signtaure and (try to) make valuable contributions to the forum are a different kettle of fish eh ;)
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