Newyorkpoker casino (FutureBet). Withdrawal problems.


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Apr 3, 2006
Toronto, Canada
Hello, everyone.
I have a bad experience with Newyorkpoker casino. This one belonts to FutureBet software.
I played BlackJack in that casino. Their BlackJack is very profitable to play, because they pay BlackJack not 3:2 but 2:1 if you won 3 or more previous hands in a row.
I bet normaly 1$ but if I won 3 hands one after one I started to bet 10-15$ until first lost. This way I won about 2200$. I requested 3 withdrawals of 600-700$ each. They delayed those withdrawal on 3 weeks, but finaly after a lot of calls and live chat sessions they paid. But I left 300$ on my account in this casino. Sometime ago I tryed to enter to my account and failed because they locked it. I sent email and they told me that they closed my account because they "have found my play to be fraudulent". Of course they gave no details about my "fraud".
If someone could advice me what to do in this situation I'll will very appreciate this.
Thank you.

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