Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
Either there is a cash flow problem at this Playtech casino (
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), or they are inept at acknowleging that they have received a player's ID.

A player is attempting to cash-in $1000. The casino has requested a copy of her ID via either an attached jpg or fax. She has sent both numerous times. She has even sent one to me. The casino says that they have not received this (no bounced emails either).

She filled out a "Pitch a Bitch" detailing this experience, which was sent off today. The casino merely replied:


Unfortunately we cannot discuss the customer account with a third party. Please have the customer contact us via telephone.


New York Support.

Fine and dandy. Looks like she's going to make some more phone calls. In the meantime, I would avoid this operation until this situation is settled.