Newsletter and Casino Cheats


Dormant account
I'm new to this forum, having been alerted to its existence by Mike Shackleford. Last Saturday, I attempted to "pitch a bitch," but lacked a username. Now that I have registered properly, should I go back and re-pitch the same bitch or will the original one get a response?
Also, my attempts to subscribe to the newsletter have proved unavailing--I don't receive a confirmation notice. Can you suggest what the problem might be?


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
The user name I need is the one that is used at the casino so that their manangement can identify you. It's either a username or account number.

Some of the "free" email services don't forward my newsletters due to overzealous spam filtering. Some of the good emails don't get through. I can sign you up with the email you provided with your pitch a bitch. If you don't get one on Thursday (publication day), you can always go here to check out the newest issue: (they are archived as well). There was no newsletter last week because I took a week off.