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Sep 12, 2004
Some of the comments that follow this item cracked me up.

Now Illegal:
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Radley Balko | October 12, 2007, 11:22am

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission is cracking down on bars that host poker tournaments, even if no one is actually gambling.

Up until a few weeks ago, Don Signore spent several nights a week playing Texas Hold 'Em poker in a league that rotates among south suburban bars and restaurants.

The poker league was a nice social outlet for Signore, 44, helping him get back in circulation after his wife died two years ago. Signore never lost any money during the games. He never even wagered any.

In an effort to stay within the bounds of Illinois' gambling laws, organizers of the poker league charge no fee to play in their tournaments, ban wagering and offer only nominal prizes to the winners such as gift certificates from the host establishment.

This apparently was too close to the real thing for state authorities, who promptly shut the tournaments down.

Rather than trying to sort out those playing poker for fun from those playing poker for money, they say it makes more sense to simply prohibit poker tournaments in liquor establishments.

"Usually when you're playing poker, you're gambling," says Ted Penesis, a spokesman for the liquor ....


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Jan 18, 2007
Oh my... did i just see a twinkle in your eye? That reminds of the twinkle in a gambling avatar, so I know you're thinking about gambling, and that is illegal now too.

After all, you can't gamble if you don't think about it; intent

Even if motive can't be established concretely (you would like some money wouldn't you?); Motive

We're sure you could find the Opportunity, so Guilty.

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