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Dormant account
Jul 26, 2002
I have been playing Blackjack for fun at and am ready to try it for real. I have opened a separate checking account with a small amount of money and plan on using the debit card for deposits so no one can get into my checking account or run up a lot on my credit card? Good so far? Now, my question is, when I start playing Blackjack for real, am I using the same softwear (odds, etc.) that I was using playing for fun?


Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
Looks like you've done your homework and setting up a wall of defense. :D But I wouldn't worry about anything funky happining at It's a Boss Media casino so you're in safe hands. Boss Media casinos rarely have complaints filed through third parties.

Their software runs identical (same odds, etc.) as it does in the "play for fun mode". If it were any different, they wouldn't stand a chance in this business. They are one of the top three.

Good luck!!