Newbie Question #2


Dormant account
I opened a bank account just for my "gambling money" and got a debit card intending to use it to make my deposits via debit card. My debit card isn't being accepted. It's a Visa. Does anyone know what banks issue debit cards that are accepted at online casinos? Doing a wire transfer would be a pain; I hear Paypal is going to stop business w/online casinos; and by reading the message boards it appears that Firepay has been "double deducting" or whatever you would call it. Any advice for a beginner?


Dormant account
Hey, Daisy:
Go with Prepaid ATM. They've been good so far, but any method needs to be monitoried carefully. Prepaid will require a $50 minimum for a deposit from your VISA, and then charge a fee for it. When you deposit to a casino (and there are different ways used by different casinos) make sure you charge the transfer fee to the "receiver" so you don't pay twice. The casinos seem to expect this; I've never had a problem. One warning since you're using a debit card: my bank approves the transaction but then I don't see it reflected in my balance for 3 days or more. I think Prepaid must "batch" transactions and submit them all at once. So don't assume your balance showing in your bank is up to date for online transactions. I made that mistake and have had to pay for it. Surprisingly, there are some Microgaming casinos that are taking it. If you don't see it as an option, email customer support and they'll tell you how to manage a deposit. Good luck!