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Mar 4, 2020
Ola! Long time lurker, appreciate of all the folk in here!

Bit about me, I don't play but I've been in the business over 18 years, mainly Europe and Oz, was up the ladder (Female director) but I will always remain on the shop floor. Dealt with a most of the games suppliers and know a lot of people in the business.

Recently I've been working with syndicate lotto company, growing.

What is really getting my goat up now is trust pilots reviews..... fcuk me. Put up a sh*t review.....they contact and pay them off. You don't like how we treated you, ok remove your comment and we put 200 into your account......

Love this industry, last 20 years have been great but I am not dealing or working for a company being a dick!

I have decided to get out this year, even though I do love it but I can not deal with the dicks at the top - and believe me there is a lot.

Also, I am sorry to say, it is a man's world. I was on boards, was only woman for years, everywhere I go UK, GIB, Malta, Jersey.....95% are men.

Not to give out but roger out!

Sorry for rant!