Newbie here just checking in

will Bitcoin be still around and have value in 10-20 years?

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Aug 13, 2018
Cleveland Ohio
What's up to everyone!

I'm Donny, 37 unemployed living in Cleveland , Ohio with my girl and son.

I've been getting into gambling and online casinos lately and wanted to join a good forum.

Anyways what's some cool sections
In here?

Any advice?

Peace out y'all
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Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
Hi Donny,

I initially banned your account for spam - but I decided to give you a chance. I have removed the spammy bitcoin info from your profile.

Please take a look around - there is loads more to Casinomeister besides the forum:
Newsletters to keep you up to date:
Casino and industry Gambling Newsletters - Casinomeister

Our reviews to included Accredited, Grey Zone and Rogue reviews:
Best Online Casino Reviews Updated Since 1998 - Casinomeister

How to spot a Rogue:
Spot a Rogue Casino - Casinomeister

All sorts of stuff - 20 years worth of stuff.

Thanks for joining us, and use some discretion on posting links :D

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