Newbie cash handling questions



I'm getting ready to get started with online casinos, and had some questions. I live in the US, and may have problems with some of the federal roadblocks inflicted on folks here. What kind of online pay systems are available or recommended?

As for dealing with my bank ... should I consider just avoiding US nonsense by opening a checking account over the border in Canada?

( yes ... I'm aware that it is my responsibility to declare income by filing my own 1099s... )

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I prefer Firepay

Neteller transaction charges seem to add up....

Citadel customer support is to clueless to have access to finances for my taste....have series of hilarious emails with carolyn.....the phone desk agent....customer support team supervisor....(she is the only one on the team)....anyway...its a company of 10 people in Canada.....And I can't seem to get past her regarding canceling a "test withdrawl" from my bank account......whatever the **** that might have been....Firepay is cool, seamless, and quick once you get verified.

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I prefer Neteller since their customer support seems to be on the ball. I live in Germany, but I use a US bank. Never had a problem with them.


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I have found that although the fees are steep, for credit card deposits anyway, you need only do this once for a small amount. Hopefully, if all goes well, you just churn churn churn and the balance grows. I went for months on just a single $200 deposit before having to put any more cash in.


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I second the motion for Neteller. I don't like firepay for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their recent, unannounced addition of a $10 withdrawl fee by any method. :flamemad:
And that they sometimes take quite a while to process credits from casinos to your account. Neteller is MUCH better, and free ACH withdrawls.


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Looks like Neteller is the preferred method, was not aware of the 10$ fee from firepay, just transferred $120 to sportsbook today, no fees posted yet, but I will certainly look for them and when they show up Neteller it is! thx for info


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I should have been clearer on the firepay thing. The $10 fee is only when you are withdrawing money from firepay back to yourself, not when you make a purchase/deposit at a casino, etc. Those are still free.