Newbie Alert - Possibly Dumb Question Ahead...


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Sep 5, 2007
San Antonio, TX
OK, based on the recommendations here, I signed up with iNetBet, installed their software, sent in the form with my information, and went to use my MetaBank credit card.

Evidently they are one of the places that won't let you make a charge to an online casino.

So I look at what else iNetBet takes. Most of the options either don't allow US players (yes, I know it's our own darn fault, but I didn't vote for that guy...), and the bank draft option seems to require a little more money than I'm comfortable starting out with.

I did get most of the way through the EcoCard signup, but at the end I got a suspended message, and had an email saying that I appeared to be accessing their site from a country other than the one I listed my address for. I replied to that email with my phone number and a couple of times I was available, but no call and no messages.

So, is there some method I've missed? Or is the problem with iNetBet and my card would work at some other place? Or...

Apologies in advance if this is a basic question that I've somehow missed finding the answer to.


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Oct 9, 2006

Eco isnt taking US players anymore, neither is neteller, click2pay, etc...You can try using a visa debit card. Im in the USA and it works for me but it depends on whether your bank will accept it plus if your state is still one of the legal online gaming states

THere is a new place called WebDollars....I think thats the name, you may wanna look it up.


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Mar 31, 2007
Just FYI..I signed up with Moneybookers and then read in one of the depositing or withdrawing from online gambling sites if you reside in the U.S.(land of the free, huh?)!:mad:
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