newb withdraw question


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Sep 20, 2006
hey guys, im new to this online casino thing. fun so far.

I signed up at intercasino and I did the 100$ match deposit.

I have since then completed the requirements and was wondering, how long before I can withdraw money without looking like a bonus whore?

I enjoy playing alot but dont see harm if after I complete the bonus and want to take some money out. I just dont want to get banned.

Intercasino are a very good casino and i seriously doubt any harm will come if you withdraw straightaway, after all it is your 1st play there and alot of players will wish to find out how their 1st cashout goes.
Intercasino are very generous with the monthly bonuses, and as they are one of the biggest casino's on the net, it obviosly isnt doing them too much harm!
They are probably very used to people just playing the bonus each month, and as long as you dont take the P*** you should have no problems.


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