New York Racing Allows Internet Betting


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May 7, 2004
Come January 27th of 2007, punters will be able to legally place wagers on New York State Racing sanctioned events via the internet. This rule change was established yesterday and effectively means that wagers may now be made using any telephone medium including a PDA and the internet as well as in person

Previous to this amendment to the rules, wagers could only be made over the telephone to OTB facilities and racetracks in the New York state.

These new rules were authorized using an emergency basis provision as described in the New York State Racing and Wagering Board statutes. A formal rule-making process as described in the statutes will run alongside the new emergency rules to allow a period for public comment.
Good thing this is regulated; I'd hate the wrong type of gambling consumer to be able to click on a mouse and lose their house !

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