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May 20, 2005
I considered pitching a bitch but the amount of money probably isn't worth it. Bad PR for them works nicely.

New York Casino. Avoid it. That Casino doesn't treat its customers right. Even when they make a mistake that they fully admit to being their own they don't make it up to their customers. This casino is not worth supporting.

Here's my story. My friend recommended New York Casino to me because they had a nice sign up bonus and because they "allowed" Blackjack Surrender. At least, according to five different people that work for New York Casino Blackjack Surrender was not a restricted game. The truth is to half of New York Casino it as OK to play but to the other half it was not.

I had been playing a bit but decided to ask yet again if Blackjack Surrender was OK. After playing $1500 worth of Blackjack Surrender I was down $26. This is when the truth finally surfaced. My buddy who referred me was cashing out at New York Casino when he was finally informed with certainty that Blackjack Surrender was not allowed. They offered him a nice bonus to reverse his cashin request. When he inquired about the bonus he asked if he could play BJ surrender for that bonus. He was informed at that time that Blackjack Surrender is restricted. He then tells me this.

I get on the live chat with a customer service rep. who informs me that Surrender is restricted. I then pick up the phone to ask. I'm told by the customer service representative it's NOT restricted. At this point it's getting ridiculous. It's clear to me that New York Casino doesn't have a clue what is going on. Their employees can't even get it right. I get one story then another and then back again.

We now know that they've reviewed our logs from live chat. They know for a fact that we were told that Blackjack Surrender was OK. We have screen snaps of the conversation and the terms and conditions. They've since changed their terms because of their screw up on this.

I should also point out that before I deposited my $200 in to that casino I sat with a customer service rep on live chat asking specific questions. I at one point made the point blank statement to her that I would be playing the casino as long as I get the bonus as promised and as long as Blackjack Surrender was ok. I was informed BEFORE I made my deposit it was.

So in the end I decide I want nothing to do with this inept casino. I request my original $200. They've decided I'm only entitled to $174. Apparently the check is in the mail. I made it perfectly clear to these idiots that $174 was not adequate - that I am entitled to my $200 because I was essentially lied to prior to making my deposit. I wasn't asking for the world here - I simply wanted back what I NEVER would have put in had the custer service rep had a clue as to the rules.

This screw up has now taken almost two weeks to resolve. It goes back and forth. They tell me they will get back to me in a certain amount of time an never do. I email them to inquiry and they ask for my patience and they appologize yet again for their mess up. I guess I was suppose to assume they were trying to do the right thing.

So in the end I get a major headache from this casino. A screw up that is clearly theirs they do absolutely nothing to reciprocate. They are giving me my $174 and nothing more. I told them directly that if they paid me my $200 I believe I'm entitled to I would drop it. They've decided that wasn't going to work so you are now reading this.

Thanks for your time and once again I recommend that you avoid New York Casino. Their business practices are incredibly poor.
"I get on the live chat with a customer service rep. who informs me that Surrender is restricted. I then pick up the phone to ask."

Why do this when you have been told once that its restricted?? Possibly hoping they make an error, and what did their website state??
Lestec said:
"I get on the live chat with a customer service rep. who informs me that Surrender is restricted. I then pick up the phone to ask."

Why do this when you have been told once that its restricted?? Possibly hoping they make an error, and what did their website state??

I assume to prove that they in fact don't know wtf they're doing.
Lestec said:
"I get on the live chat with a customer service rep. who informs me that Surrender is restricted. I then pick up the phone to ask."

Why do this when you have been told once that its restricted?? Possibly hoping they make an error, and what did their website state??

That's the point - I WASN'T told until that point it was restricted. When it was too late.

Maybe that part is a bit unclear. I was told three times at first it WASN'T restricted. It wasn't until after my friend tried to cash out that they actually were faced with making the decision.

Sequence of events for me:

Prior to deposit - ask CSR about BJ surrender. Told it's ok.

After deposit - ask again - told it's ok.

Just in case later - ask again - told it's ok.

Get word from buddy it's not ok.

Do live chat with CSR - told not ok.

Called NYC talked to real person. I was told by two people on the phone it was OK.

Back and forth, get it? I wasn't hoping for anything. As stated, I made it clear to the CSR BEFORE I deposited that I was playing because Blackjack Surrender was OK.

If you would like I can post a whole ton of messages from them appologizing for their screw up. They fully admit it is their fault yet they have done nothing in my opinion to make it right.
I always find these cases puzzling from the casino's perspective. If they've screwed-up, AND acknowledge their mistake, they're fully responsible. Even if he's talked to 10 people and JUST 1 person gave him the clearance, it's on them. It's just bad business practice on their part.

If you order a McDonald's hamburger, and it's been masked in the "hamburger" wrapping, then proceed to take a bite out of it, only to then realize there's been a mistake, and it's in fact a cheeseburger that they gave you. Well, the cashier isn't going to swipe the burger out of your hand, say that you've taken a 23% bite out of it already, and then say you'll be refunded the rest by check via postal service. And if you were to complain, they'll then go into arbitration and say that the least they could do was not take-off an extra .04 cents on the slice of cheese that you had bit into... that McDonald's will be willing to overlook that.

I've also had some wonderful experiences at this casino. "Tom" is the big online rep. that all the other reps that work there, confirm that he's the best in the business. He fancies himself for reading ALL of his incoming mail and replying to it immediately. The last time I was talking to him (specifically demanding for the online "pitboss"), the first thing I mentioned was that I had sent out an email... (while in mid-sentence) "I answer all my email". Okay, I'm thinking, that's wonderful. I then asked how come I had a whole bunch of emails that haven't been replied to (approximately 6 or 7 from what I can remember), dated back several days prior to our then conversation. No response on that one... (the NEGOTIATOR goes down swinging... I wonder if online support morale over at NYC "Not Your Cash" dropped a couple of notches after that one).

While I can't say I've always had a bad time at New York Casino, after probably making roughly 40 deposits in the neighborhood of $50 each, I know it doesn't work for me. The online support team is not top-notch, it's not a good thing when it depends who you're talking to in order to get THE right information.

A similar incident like this one happened to me over at Casino Las Vegas. Kimberly, the promotions manager, sent me a "personal" (not mass, because it stated my name IN the email) message that I'd get a 35% on my next deposit. I then asked an online representative, who'd given me the green light on the deposit w/bonus. I didn't get anything, and then made a phone call, and was told that it should be okay. The tel. rep told me to wait for a few minutes, and it should appear in my account. Didn't come, I then was informed that I was no longer entitled to it. I made a $50 deposit, so, they lied for basically for what $16?! I'd been going there for 2 years up to that point. I emailed Kimberly a whole bunch of times, and she finally emailed saying that there was mistake with the email that was sent to me. I complained and asked for answers, and then after many more non-responses, I contacted the online rep. and said that I'm no longer eligible for ANY bonuses. Here's the thing, after probably making $1,500-$1,600 in deposits at this casino over a two year period, I've never withdrawn a cent. They're up, WAY up, what's the problem? They said it was to be forwarded to management, and that's like 3 months ago now. I did place a call a couple months ago to one of their "I'm busy sleeping... do you mind" tel. reps. In her not so easy to deal with demeanor, she looked at my account and said she couldn't help me. I asked if I could get an email or a phone number to talk to someone in management. She gave out the all-so-useless support email, like I didn't have that already, and I'd asked for something where I could speak directly to someone in charge... she said she's been more than fair in providing with the "support@casinolasvegas" address (my question is will she win tel. rep. of THE YEAR AWARD for her unconditional help?). I'd asked if she could at least tell me why their offer had been reneged, she said,"You'll have to speak to someone in management sir"(well, I'll be... how on earth can I reach them?).

I don't know if New York and Casino Las Vegas operate under the same ownership (it feels as though they do), but regardless, at last count, approx. $3,600 in deposits made over a 2-year period without one single withdrawal AIN'T a good thing. I guess I'm not qualified enough to get one of those "top-brass" emails, or any logical explanation.
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