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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Is it just me or do all the new video slots at the Palace Group suck, suck and suck some more?
I swear I have played them all and I get about 40% payout on them after 500 spins on each. Not a massive sample I agree but at those odds who wants to waste more money proving just how bad they are.

For me they give less wins (not even hit 5 of a kind) and the features are much less regular and when you do finaly get them they are pathetic, paying out around 200 coins on average.

Also why the hell have they changed the line win configurations when all the original slots have the same?

What are your experiences with these slots, any good wins or hideous losses?
You can see my verdict in the other thread, but I would say that of the 3 new slots (Dolphin's Tale, Age of Discovery, and Witch Dr.) - I would choose Age of Discovery. I won consistently there because the wild symbol was quite frequent and I got several bonus screens with good-size wins). Witch Dr. just left me relatively even after a bunch of spins (over 200) - oops just checked autoplay and I am now up $30 after about 300 spins.

Dolphin's Tale sucks. I would rather empty my pockets with a vacuum cleaner. :)

Discovery was pathetic for me my best win after 500 spins was the four scatters.I got on the feature once and picked a Skull first shot!
Dolphins one was no better, squirells were poor and witch doctor is definately evil. Mind you that is how things are going for me lately.I deposit, lose from the off, win back around 2/3 of my deposit and then sink without trace.This has been going on for at least my last 10 deposits so maybe it is not the slots but just my luck.
sighs endlessly
I only had about 20 minutes to try the new games this morning, but I got my $50 up to $600 at Ruby Fortune on Dolphin Tail and Witch Dr. Hit the free spins rather quickly. It's probably good I had to leave b/c I've been known to give it all back......Which I'll probably go do right now:D
Add me to the list. I tried them at 3 different casinos and never got ahead at any of them. Got a bonus round quickly at Age of Discovery but also hit the skeleton on the first pick. Didn't get bonus play at any of the other new games.

The Dolphin may be cute but he's been very stingy to me.
I managed a small cash out at Jackpots in a Flash last night (Palace Group) -- but the hits came on on Halloweenies. LOL

Doesn't matter which casino group I play, the new games are vacuums for my money. I have seen the bonus round a few times on Discovery (I really think it is a beautiful game, graphics are marvelous!) but have yet to see the bonus round on the other 3. Probably won't play Discovery much because I always get the 'pooper' on the first or second pick in the bonus round. I don't think I'll bother trying on the Squirrel game. I'd like to see the bonus round on Dolphins, but I may go to Play Money for that.
The dolphins game bonus is promising but I've gone 350+ spins without getting it. Love all those multi-line 3 or more symbol wins that only pay your bet back. Low pays on that silly dolphin game so you'll have to have a huge multiplier on the bonus spins to even halfway make a comeback.. another sleeper for sure. Can't wait to see it cloned next month.
I deposit $65 to try the new microgaming games yesterday too.

And lost all my money in 10 mins. It seems the payout much lower that other said. Maybe lucky pass me??

Tis true, tis true
To think Dolphins used to be my favourite animal!
Dont care if I see it canned on the shelf next to Tuna now:eek:

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