New video scratch card Gold bars & Rounds™ - OMI


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May 22, 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
Hi guys & girls,

I just want to share that we recently released our first video scratch cards title ”Gold bars & Rounds™”.

The game is a low variance scratch card thought there is a top prize of x10000 bet amount (when you see the ”three gold bars” - symbols in the screen).

We are probably one of the smaller providers in terms of size and in number of games so we would like very much to get your opinion and feedback on the game and things in general.

I have posted a link to the video here so please have a look [video][/video] or try it out at

I hope you will enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts, :)



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Feb 13, 2015
Hey Dise,

I just stumbled on this game on artimisbet, I guess other Everymatrix casinos soon will add it as well. Also found another game on there called Platinum Bullions from them (Im not sure it is newer than gold?) anyways I can actually recommend Platinum Bullions it gave me some good winnings (more than Gold) and it also has higher RTP, multipliers and wilds, I tried both and will stick with Platinum. :)

Please thank me :thumbsup: