New Trip, New Contest ends 10am thurs (est)


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Oct 9, 2006
Not sure if Im leaving tomorrow or Friday, just got a call from the Trop (one of those message calls) saying I get 2 nights in a row instead of one night until Spring so we are trying to leave tomorrow. Ill do the contest today just incase

You know the deal, guess a number from 1-100, I want everyone to get a chance to play and I have no motive to lie so just believe me when I keep the answer to myself :)

The person closest without going over will get a huge $5 (lol) of pulls from a slot machine in Atlantic City (ill try to take pics of the machine again). You tell me the amount (.25, .50, $1 or one $5 pull) and if you win, Ill send you the money.

This contest will start NOW and end at my time (USA eastern) around 10am tomorrow (thursday to me friday for others) unless someone answers the exact number before then. You only get one pick unless you all go over the number and noone wins by 10am

We got a room for tomorrow as well so Im glad I did this today cause I gotta leave by 1pm tomorrow. Im a lil anxiety ridden though, Rich wont be there to tell me to slow down and my best friend is worse than all of you put together. Last time I went with her, she stayed down there all night until 9AM the next day nonstop from the afternoon before.:eek:

Thank God for this PC....Im bringing it with me again, this way if she gambles too much, I have you guys to chat with :)
17 again. if I win, please place it on 17, if it wins, please pull off half for yourself and then let it ride twice more and I'll give half to doctors without borders... okay more than half :)
put me down for 78. five $1 pulls please. thanks, your pal hGb :thumbsup:

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