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Hello everyone Just want to say hello I'm new to this forum. I'm here to learn new things and also teach others. Thanks to casinomeister for accepting me to this forum..


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Hi Tips & Tricks! Nice to meet you. :)

There is a lot to be learned here at Casinomeister, the forum and the rest of the site. Make yourself at home. :thumbsup:


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We can always use new contributing members who share our interests in learning and having fun at online gaming and all nature of odd things.

Snoop around, read the FAQ's and get familiar with the site and then have fun.



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Greetings from Kattrine John from Capetown (SA), currently based in Hong Kong, who sees this message board as a fantastic resources with a solid community. I am eager to share my knowledge and pick up some of yours.


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Hi Tips & Tricks!

Thanks for joining us! :thumbsup: