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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, but really enjoy and appreciate all the information that abounds here. I wish I had known about it before I began my online experiences. I was one of those sucked in by "huge" bonuses to a site that was impossible to win at. Ever heard of "High Roller's Lounge"? Here's my sign-duh. Oh well, learn the hard way.


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this bud's for me! :thumbsup:

Hi Bud and Welcome to the best forum on the net.

We have great fun and good times in Wild Cards section, and then there is some Gambling stuff, or you may enjoy some riotous jokes in the Jokes room, and, oh yea, some Poker stuff, and look out for the robot who roams the halls behind a large, blue, half shark, half muppet looking creature, and, oh yes, some Slots stuff, and all this and more is supervised by a benevolent, all-knowing, beer-loving, patient as a saint, 3rd eye in the back of his head, Casinomeister aka Bryan.

Your going to love it here. :thumbsup:

And would somebody put the child gate back up so Happy does not get hurt climbing the stairs. :p


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Yeah, what Cynthia said:D
Welcome and have fun!



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Hi Bud like you I'm new to the site but already hooked. Mine of information and some funny people as well. No names no pack drill lol, :lolup:


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Thanks to all, for the GREAT welcome. I am truly enjoying aal the posts and incredible info. God we have Genius's here. Not me tho crap I can't even spell.Have Fun!!;)


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Greetings and salutations.
Stay a while stay forever :)

Dont blame me for the short welcome.
Bingo and happy took all the good phrases already.

Satchmo the man the myth the working class hero.


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Hi Bud249!

Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup: