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Jun 3, 2005
Hello people,

Has anyone tried the new Superslots Software yet? I do experience serious problems playing Blackjack there.
Whenever I make a 2$/5$ bet there is 20$/50$ on my table and deducted from my balance. After first cards are dealt, the 20$/50$ on the table rise to 200$/500$ even if I don't have that money in my balance.
When I win a game, I win 20$/50$ when I loose, I Loose 20$/50$. The problem is when it comes to double or split. Since there is 200$/500$ on the table, the software sais I cannot double because I don't have that money.
Don't know if you understand it, it's a weird thing.
Well, I did not double then but would have won...
Now the really bad thing just happened today when I bet 2$ which was obviously 20$ and I won. I clicked on rebet and suddenly the bet was relly 200$ and I lost 200$.
I already informed the support of this error and they sent me some explanation how I can erase this error. They send me a file which I had to delete and copy into a folder but the error was still there.
I asked them then to at least send me back my deposit+winnings but they said if I want this they would forfeit my winnings since I accepted a bonus and I would have to wager. And so this shit happened.
I wonder what they will tell me now.

Does anyone have the same problem with the software?

Thank you for any help

It probably won't help in your case, but I would uninstall the software then download it again... but I do believe the casino should make good on what their software cost you.

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