CM Announcement New Sub Forum: Horse Racing


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Jul 22, 2016
Hiya good fellows!
We're proud to announce a new Sub-forum in Casinomeisterland: Horse Racing
I'm sure we could get soon there some interesting threads about this world. We've moved there some existing Threads related such as Horse Racing & Tips Thread
@colinsunderland will help us as a moderator there, welcome on board colin!


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Aug 10, 2016
Lancashire, UK
Horses.... hmmm... I was once told by my Dad that, in order for it to be profitable, punters had to really know their stuff; studying form, knowing horses/jockeys/trainers and following the racing world news. So I rarely bother.
When I do, the jargon lark of e/w, pick a horse from each race multiplier thingy, etc goes way over my head.
So I simply pick the strong looking, pretty/handsome horse with the coolest name to be the winner Lol. Can begin to think why I don’t win anything.....

Congrats to CM on ensnaring one of the 2 Colin’s as a mod...... as both are extremely knowledgable about the nags.
Good luck ColS... it’ll be donkey work for you but I’m confident You’ll make it a huge success x

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