New stuff from Microgaming coming up


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
May 29, 2004
I went to ICE this week and learned some intersting stuff at the MG stand - well i think it is anyway :) Thought i'd share.

Microgaming do new game updates and additions every 2 months. From April, its going to be every month. They are also introducing "Aces & Eights" Video Poker in Feb. Plus, they are introducing 50-hand and 100-hand VP (like RTG) from April!! Should be interesting! There's a load more slots coming out too but i would guess most will just be re-hashes of old games as usually happens. I did hear a "rumour" that they are developing some "pub" slots Crypto style, but it was just a rumour.

Also, i was wandering round the "real" casino slot machines and stumbled across a proper "land-casino" slot that has Microgaming games. 6 in total including Thunderstruck :eek2: Dunno if this is a new thing, but i was pleasantly surprised. That said, i played it and its a manual spin mechanism so its a lot slower than playing online.



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