New slot "Psychedelic" from Rival


Dormant account
Apr 28, 2008
Got this offer from Vegas Regal Casino
Vegas Regal Casino is proud to announce a $20 Free No Deposit Psychedelic Bonus! Plus a 300% Psychedelic deposit bonus!
Thanks Vegas Regal. Only made 1 deposit there, but they offered me many nd chips to play. Compared to other Rivals that now have only shit bonuses and almost no nd chips

This new slot looks cool but............ Blew 20$nd chip in few minutes on 0.20$ per spin. Biggest win was 1$. All other wins were from 0.03$-0.06$:eek:
no bonus round, no free spins..........nothing. 1 win for a 1$ and all others for few cents. :confused:
happy it was nd chip, if i lost my 20$ that quick...........:mad:

Thank to Vegas Regal for a nd chip!

guess payout is not depending where money come from ha :rolleyes:

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