New Russian casino


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Jun 4, 2003
I came across this one today, it's Microgaming :

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Can't understand a word of it, lol! Anyone else heard of it?
So did you play? I once downloaded a casino that was all in Portugese. It was a Odds On casino so I was able to play by remembering how Silver Dollar and English Harbor played. I think I lost about $25 for a lesson in a foreign language. Those were the days when I would take a bonus from any casino.
Ya I noticed that too, when I was clicking around and translating the words on the site I must have clicked on webmaster and it to me too fortune affiliate page. So that being the case I'm assuming there a good place to play. Also I sort have got the sign up bonus as 100/125 wager 1125, but the translations were sort of vague.
Just wanted to say that there is a little english flag at the top of the site. Press it for english version.


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