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Jun 22, 2005
Hey - couple of new slots here also :)

I won't give a whole rundown of my review because I just started playing them, but:

Treasure Chamber - My Favorite
This is a 5 Reel, 20 Payline Slot with a 20 Free Spins Feature (re-triggering free spins possible) with a 3x multiplier. There is a strange feature on it whereby a question mark symbol pops up on the reels and then turns into a normal reel graphic. Makes it interesting, I think. There is a wild and scatter symbol as well. I like this one due to the fun of the question mark, but that may grow old at some point :)

Crystal Waters - This is another 5 reel, 20 Payline slot. It also contains a wild and scatter symbol, but only allows 15 free spins (can be retriggered) - however, it adds a wild symbol to the reels during free spin play which can add a 2x, 4x, or 8x multiplier.

Enchanted Garden - Again, 5 reel, 20 Payline slot. Same wild and scatter symbols with free spins. The free spins occurs when the Scatter Symbol (Garden) is on the 1st Reel and the Wild symbol (Princess) is on the 5th reel (strange - not sure I like that). During free spins, the symbols change and a firefly is added to the foreground of some symbols. If you get 3 of these anywhere on the reels, get the possibility of having an extra 3 spins PER symbol with a firefly on it. That part is pretty cool.

Anyway - interesting slots and I will have to play a bit before I can really say much more about them... Just thought I would let people know they are out there :)

BTW - I am playing them at Club USA currently... so not sure what other RTG has them.
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I found them at clubworldcasinos (prefer the accredited ones, only in case...):)

ClubUSA is a Club World Casino :) Yes, they pay and typically in quick order. My first cashout was in less than 36 hours and after that it has hovered anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours. That's just my experience, though.
I realized it, when i read the welcome mail.
The slots are interesting, have to play them a bit more...
I find the RTG developers much more creative than the ones at MG.
I COMPLETELY agree with you! The new RTG slots are at least new slots and not graphical re-works of existing slots.

Plus with cool new features like the question mark that turns into symbols, the penguin slide, the firefly in the free spins... They are really doing slot players AND themselves a favor by being a bit creative.

It's good to see a little innovation instead of the same ole crap month after month.

I wish Microgaming would see that adding several slots a month doesn't make the players happy unless the slots have something unique / new to offer.
In addtion to new games...

Since adding the new games, it seems RTG has updated all the slots, and fixed a few bugs as well. During "AutoPlay", it no longer takes forever for it to show you every individual line shows them all at once...and it makes for a much faster "AutoPlay" experience...this is for all the slots. "Outta this world" has also been patched to fix it's numerous bugs (like showing the win amount before the spin is over, not keeping track of the of free spins correctly, not playing the scatter sounds when hitting the feature, etc).
I think I am drunk when I play Crystal Waters.

You are so right about that. They need to do something about those graphics. After watching it for a while I begin to feel seasick.

I had a good hit on Crystal Waters with the free spins. Thought at first it was going to be a dud but the last few spins paid well.

I emailed 49er and asked when they will be out with the new slots. Haven't heard back from them yet.

Thanks for the heads up, I cashed out for a $100 on that new treaure chamber and also got lots of bonus spins on other games. I would of never even tried that casino if you didnt tell us about the newgames :)
Thanks for the heads up, I cashed out for a $100 on that new treaure chamber and also got lots of bonus spins on other games. I would of never even tried that casino if you didnt tell us about the newgames :)

They are one of the few RTG's that I truly trust. :) It's nice to have that once again! Glad you got some cash out of the deal - good work :)
Im impressed


I cashed out in the afternoon and had the money in my neteller account by the morning!! Very Impressive place!
Congrats on your good run, babs.

Me, I've resigned myself to the fact that I simply cannot win at RTG anymore and must (to preserve what sanity have left) stop playing there. ClubUSA is tops in my book, and also INetBet. Never had a problem, excellent CS, super fast payouts at both. Even had a nice live chat with Michael (and said hello to Jason) in ClubUSA this morning. (If you're reading this: Hi guys!)

I ran through $100 ($50 w/100% bonus) at InetBet last night, and ClubUSA this a.m. Nada... zilch... money lasted only a few minutes.

I had cut way back on RTG play since I started on a losing streak last spring -- it's gotten worse, not better. It makes me sad, but there's nothing else for me to do but quit playing RTG entirely for awhile.

At the rate I'm uninstalling casinos there will be no places for me to play at all very soon. :eek2:

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