New RTG Slot King Of Swing


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I just noticed another new RTG slot has been added. It is called King of Swing, and is a baseball themed slot. If I get around to it later I will post some screenshots of it and the rules, unless someone else wants to do it first and post it here. Good luck everyone.


Just one more spin pleez!
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Just one more spin pleez!
Another one that pays an average of $7 bucks on a $1.75 wager for most of the 5 of a kinds.

I think these people have really lost their minds since they are hooked on paying less than 5x your wager on any one win of imagination anymore..all follow same theme..make the player lose $100's of dollars before hitting a bonus round and then maybe get a return of 10-20x...WOW....I believe!

I played $200 in real money mode on this game, at $1.75 a spin, busted out without hitting the bonus round, went back and played in fun mode, hit the first bonus round with 15 free spins triple multiplier right off the bat (no pun intended) and got $17 in bonus win...second bonus round in less than 30 spins again was 19 free spins with a triple multiplier for $32...I am going back to my ponies...RTG has really hit the skids in my book...deleting the last few I had on my computer..not worth another cent investment in my book...


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I have deposited there 3 times and the 2nd time never hit but 2 small bonus rounds and this last time lost my money in no time too. Hit some bonuses but the payputs were so small. I think they have really tightened up their slots. Any comments ? or am I just having some bad runs?lol


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My thought is that the variance has been changed on RTG slots.
You generally either get murdered (which is the default) or you hit big which the Trex thread would seem to confirm.
This is my standard Trex return.
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That is no fun, especially when you waited a couple of hundred spins to hit the bonus and your average bonus win for the slot is about X5 bet. :eek2:

I don't like any of the new slots so they are heading in the wrong direction as far as slot design is concerned IMO.
Where the hell is the innovation from the major software suppliers?


I'm kind of disappointed in the games lately. It seems like they have become "money pits". This week the slots have clobbered me. Can't hit sh*t.

Tried King of Swing (s*cks) and what the hell has happened to Trex? I used to do pretty good with that slot but lately its all down hill. The only slot I still have faith in is cherry red at cherry red casino.

I can bitch and bitch but I'll still go back because i love the high.:)

P.S. I cashed out $1007 a couple of weeks ago a rushmore so why am I bitching?


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I think one of the problems with Real Series slots is the Random Jackpot. It's mere presence increases the variance and effectively lowers the payout odds unless you hit it. Maybe they should introduce a few without the RJ but with the same E.R.


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It would be nice of the Random jackpots paid out more often than they do and on occasions for regular loyal depositing customers. Ive been depositing and playing with various RTG outfits for near on 5 years now and never seen one, and ive betted from 25 to 50 to 2.50 per spin over that time and never once gotten lucky :rolleyes: Its the low rollers predominantly combined that keeps these casinos in business, you would think they would allow the odd to go here and there without having to wager ridiculous bet levels. Yes I know they say you can win on 25 a spin but i dont believe it and im sure most dont. These rtg casinos are really doing themselves no favours.