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New RTG Games Out

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by GGW Laurie, May 8, 2008.

    May 8, 2008
  1. GGW Laurie

    GGW Laurie Dormant account

    Self Employed
    In the Beautiful South !!
    just checked out inetbet and they have what looks to be 5 new games out:D.. off to check em out..................laurie
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  2. May 8, 2008
  3. CasinoKidd

    CasinoKidd Meister Member

    Rochester NY

    To be completely honest with you.. I thought they were cheezy, the rough payline look, and just about everything was sub-par. Phantom of the Opera is the only thing I hit anything decent on, I'm a bit dissapointed!!
  4. May 8, 2008
  5. catrina m

    catrina m Senior Member PABaccred

    US of A
    I just lost my small managers bonus at Inet but I did it with achilles

    I should have tried the new ones but I like the old ones too darn much!
  6. May 8, 2008
  7. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    Well at least they are a bit different.

    The sound is enough to make you slit your wrists though - you might wanna try turning the speakers off.
  8. May 8, 2008
  9. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    I did pretty well on the Phantom of the Opera one too - I had my pathetic $5manager bonus up to almost $100 at one point before giving it all back.
  10. May 8, 2008
  11. Audioz

    Audioz Banned User

    call center agent
    Got also a manager bonus ($ 50) but this one was away within 20 minutes, as i played "Rapunzel" without any free spins, so it looks like for me, that the new games doesn't pay out anything *lol*

    Btw. yes the sound during the wheels spinning are really go on my nerves ;)
  12. May 8, 2008
  13. lauram

    lauram Dormant account

    self employed
    remind me of lassetors games but without the download wait. Later tonight ill try them in real mode won spins on sherlock and landed over 20 spins 22 dollar win on 40 cent bet gla
  14. May 8, 2008
  15. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    Detail and clarity of the games are killer (good)... but themes of most are of no interest to me. Rapunzel is so damn yellow and (kiddie cartoony) my husband started looking for sunglasses while I was playing. The glare when playing full screen will make your eyes bleed. LOL And I turned the sound off.

    Phantom looks something like a game an adult would play. I might play that one again.
  16. May 8, 2008
  17. iNetBet Promos

    iNetBet Promos Accredited Casino Representative

    United Kingdom
    Hi Everyone,
    Glad to hear that some of you are enjoying the new real series slots.
    The 5 games added are:

    Bunko Bonanza
    King Tut's Treasure
    Phantom of the Opera
    Sherlock Holmes

    Just so everyone knows we have also introduced two new scratch card games:

    Magic 7's
    5 Diamond Blackjack

    These scratch cards also have a random jackpot that can be won at any time - much in the same way as when playing the real series slots. These games can be found in the Specialty Games section of the lobby.

    We have a 100% match bonus in our lobby at present for players to use on the above new games.

    Also new at iNetBet is Blackjack Tournament. Here you play against other players either in single tournaments or in the scheduled multi tournaments. To launch this new game we have our first in house Tournament. More details can be found on our website: You must register/login in order to see the link.

    I hope you all enjoy the new games.
    Best Regards
    iNetBet Promos

    p.s. Nifty29 there is no need to turn off the speakers. If you click on Autoplay there is a feature to turn the sound off if you so wish :)
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  18. May 8, 2008
  19. jas2587

    jas2587 Ueber Meister

    Thanks for coming an giving this info however can you
    tell me where to find the paytable for the new games
    as i didn't know which was scatters wilds etc etc


    yeah I know it was probably right in front of me
  20. May 8, 2008
  21. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    When playing the new slots, at the bottom of the screen, click on 'help'. I think a new window opens up and has the paytable. My pop-up stopper didn' t like it, and I didn't turn it off just for that. :)
  22. May 8, 2008
  23. DemonUK

    DemonUK Senior Member PABnoaccred

    Warrington, UK
    Well, I'm hoping my managers bonus arrives shortly so I can try them:) I should be due one, but if it doesn't appear, I'll have to wait till later in the month, as my pot is not due to be refilled till then.
  24. May 8, 2008
  25. babs7262

    babs7262 Banned User

    On Disability,p/t online slots reviewer
    Thanks for the heads up LJ. I tried all of them and did reviews at SOF already

    I like most of them but didnt get any bonus rounds in real. I got free spins in fun play on all but Sherlock and bonker. The sherlock sound can become annoying after awhile "well done watson" "aha" LMAO
  26. May 8, 2008
  27. reda

    reda Senior Member PABnonaccred

    cleaning bussiness
    i only liked rapunzel. i got the features a few times and won a few dollars. i think it is colorful and a bit kiddish but ill play it from time to time.
  28. May 8, 2008
  29. lovetogamble

    lovetogamble Experienced Member PABnonaccred

    Don't Care For Them

    Personally I don't care for any of the new games. These last ones are like the Field Of Green and to me it had a high variance and these are even more of a higher variance. With each new set of games they seem harder to get free spins but if you are lucky enough to get them they can pay good. I still think your best odds for maybe smaller payouts but more free spins are Cleo, Ceasar's Empire, Honey To The Bee. This is just my opinion.:)
  30. May 8, 2008
  31. GGW Laurie

    GGW Laurie Dormant account

    Self Employed
    In the Beautiful South !!
    i liked king tut better than the rest, but i still prefer the older games:D played at clubworld and they also have the new games:)...laurie
  32. May 8, 2008
  33. bayleesprings

    bayleesprings Account closed - violation of <a href="http://www.

    Office Candy
    Under your bed
    Well I haven't played them this morning and must have been one of the very first to play yesterday morning as I hit free spins on every single game and got my manager bonus from $25 to over $500 in less than an hour. I was on my desktop, and was making so many good winning screenshots that I had to move over to my laptop so I could take some to post, as my desktop doesn't have enough memory for anything.

    I took notes on the games that I couldn't provide SS for and I hit 100x-300x on all the games that I got free spins on. However, it was a bit annoying that I kept winning and knew that I had met the WR and couldn't take away any more than $250, so I played it down and made a withdrawal. Since this $250 was all I had in my bankroll, I couldn't play anymore so now I'm leery about going back, if it's as bad as you guys say it's gotten.

    I NEVER do good at RTG, so maybe I should take the money and run, huh?
  34. May 8, 2008
  35. CasinoKidd

    CasinoKidd Meister Member

    Rochester NY
    Just played POTO and managed 52 free spins... at 3x I would expect something good... managed 71x, which isn't bad, but.. 50 free spins should pay something better!!


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