New RTG - Casino Beach - Proceed with Caution


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Jan 21, 2009
somewhere else
It's probably as Mavin says (hi Mavin!:) only for information and no ones ever there maybe not even a casino.LOL Like Mighty slots, 99 slots, etc. a front for something else. stealing our money! without even a kiss. :D


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Mar 10, 2005
Maybe Bryan is turning the Crapmeister idea into a real working casino? :D

Or maybe he's getting an early start on April Fool's Day 2011? ;)

If they didn't sound so serious, this would make an awesome april fool's day joke.


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Jun 19, 2009
Hiya: I have faxed over my resume for this position. Wish me luck.............;)[/QUOTE

I type 80 wpm and man can I handle money fast. in it comes - out it goes! I'd like to be a processing assistant though instead of secty please. :lolup:

Oops, shouldn't have put, "out it goes", no job for you Felicie, the money is only to come in. You would be fired for letting it out. :what:

But good luck to Love2winalot, sounds like a peachy job! :thumbsup:


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Mar 13, 2008
Winbig, you saved a lot of free chip hunters a lot of time.

They are not looking for players, they are looking for marks.

Short-sighted casinos don't stay around long.


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Jul 2, 2010
great post. Nothing would surprise me regarding oneclub casino or any casino related to them.

I played there a few times and then won playing bonus hold em. It was a nice win of a little over 1k usd. Payment never came and never came and finally "james" who is (was?) the manager there told me that my account was closed and I would not be getting paid as I was part of some conspiracy to defund his casino LOL. I dont even know what that means unless he is saying my balance was so large that it would bankrupt his casino. Regardless, I went to CDS for help and they replied to me 7 months later (yes, that is correct - 7 months). Saying that although there is no proof of it that they have to side with the casino as the operator has no reason to lie. LOL... What was that? It was funny but sad. What a waste of time and money.
That is why i always wonder when players are advised on this board to send a complaint to CDS. It is pointless and they are too slow.
It's too bad that RTG is like this. The software is fine but the operators all stink for the most part.

CWC gets constant complaints - one of which I have for bate&switch tactics.
Lock casino is unstable and confiscates players money without proof.
Rushpod is no longer accredited
All the others seem to be rogued other than iNetBet and jackpot capital. What a shame, they could do so well with the American market if they would just not be SOOOO shady all the time.


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Feb 22, 2001
You could almost say this has been the dubious hallmark of RTG down through the years - a software and games that many online gamblers enjoy, spoiled by poor vetting of prospective licensees, a reluctance to communicate, a hands-off policy regarding players and what seems to be a remarkable absence of effective licensee policing.

The above post from greasemonkey is a valid comment imo - RTG could do really well with more good licensees who treat players with respect. Maybe they're making enough money not to care especially?