New providers and Casinos missing out.


เ๓ ค Ŧคภςץ ๒єคг
Mar 2, 2019
Something worth posting is that i have a Pixel 1. Yes, a Pixel 1 about 3 years old and it works like new. No probs with any slots.

Didnt Apple get fined for deliberately screwing with their old phones to encourage people to buy the latest models? That reason alone is enough to put me off iphones. Every one i have had gets slow after about 6 months.

Yeah, their forced updates made older models slow.
Since they make almost no upgrades between the models, they need to find other ways to make people buy the new phones.
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Chief glockenspiel maker
Jan 12, 2018
On another note regarding new providers have you noticed how they are leaning towards high variance yet the minimum stake you can play these games on is slowly creeping higher and higher.

I checked a few games out recently at videoslots and some of the minimum stakes are 50p. I noticed one at 80p and today a new game called hot cross bunnies had a min stake of £1. The other frightening thing was the speed you could play each spin.

I cannot see any longevity for these games which makes me think casinos and providers are out for the quick buck. Churn them out as quick as possible and as fast as one gets left on the shelf there will be a new one for the naive and uneducated to begin playing.

No retribution will ever take place because these games will never have the required amount of spins played through them for any valid conclusion to be drawn.

Call me cynical because I am.