Tips New Product Development Template for Casino Games

Andy Walker

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Jun 5, 2013
1.Gain concept approval by cupping your hands towards your heart and towards the general direction of the other faces in the sales meeting, use words that sound incredible like a new birth of imagination that will both appease the gamer and reap rewards for the investors.

2. Back this up with market research data captured from a large poll that used a very narrow ranged set of questions that whilst sounded related to gambling was really about if you could have done this would your life have had been better, and if you had not done this would your life have had been better.

3. Have a pianist, I mean physiatrist or psychiatrist (One of them anywhere) on hand to example the finer details of the poll.
Convince them of the new game style formulation with a proviso that the game does not use any copyright of any parties that would seek redress, change names slightly, make the menus differ by positioning them to another position in the layout of basically a 4:3 aspect ratio display, change the font (always works), use dramatic music in the opening intro in the game and use a voice actor to say the words “you are the chosen one” when you click skip intro button.

3.Make them feel as if they are a part of an almost Biblical experience and that it could not only change their wealth status but with the excess of the potential spare cash that of others in the immediate family and the added bonus of saving all those pretty little orphaned cats in Bulgaria. I’d call that Kitty Glitter but that may have been done before.

4. Express the advantage to house approval that includes house % ln term calculation and in the event of legislative tax on the casino, backdoor measures that pay back any taxable income back to the player as a gift to negate the tax with the agreement that the player subjects these funds as a soft fund that requires a 50/50 outcome on a spin and thus being a gentleman’s or ladies agreement to honour and gets paid as a non-gambling transaction.

5. Any unseen or initial costing completed

6. Commercials approved (this is pretty void sales have a mind of their own).

7. Supplier demands on server costs approved, as above sales have no idea.

8. Alpha trials completed a trusty few that are welcome to see the holes in the system.

9. Beta study, the part where semi gods like to play, they are helpful though lol.

10. Feedback from user group completed.

11. Bug testing worst case scenarios, in the event of errors studies that include error checking, cross checking with first and third party analysis, something that GRC may have tried, oh my bad talking about my favourite dish, grilled rabbit and carrots, off topic, sorry.
Promotional literature created as a concept of ways of hooking in affiliates and cannon fodder at a later stage, bling, bling.

12. Game Specifications Completed…….

13. Further beta testing with non-disclosure agreements if necessary
Promotional media released and served to affiliates and other places to promote the new concept trying to avoid spam like to make me look at YouTube videos.

14. Completed design / game run in emulation on as many OS platforms as possible.

15. First Draft Web Fit Artwork.

16. Web Fit Artwork Amendments.

17. Artwork Approved

18. The part where flash doesn’t seem to work and we have the standard excuse, blame Adobe, not that I am saying this is true…
Fantasy section

19. Pre-production free play for the general public to test the game (now that’s novel).

20. First Production.

21. Promotional Literature Created.

22. Chromaking the correct pay table in white on white for back up purposes and then slipping out for a cup of coffee
Printing or faxing the literature and if necessary the copy of the pay table to relevant parties and forgetting to cross check the artwork from the main game to the help file.

23. First Production.

24. Into Depot.

25. Into Store.

26. Make hay whilst the sun shines.

27. Continue with a game that maybe is not quite what we meant it to be or maybe we did, and it works, take years upon years to check the game and with the annual audits choose not to find a fundamental flaw in a simple file that would better inform the public of the way that the concept machine works i.e. it makes money, just go with it the Original programmer has left now, we didn’t know, honestly?

Steps can be adjusted by the Sales Team (almost always do).

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