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May 9, 2005
European Union
Just found out yesterday the new interesting playtech progressive game of Blackjack.
It seems Playtech is continually working on games and follows nice ideas of microgaming games. Also there is another new called Superlotto.
(I found it at La Isla casino where I just signed for the initial bonus. This is no advertisement I don't know details of the specific casino)

I liked very much the changed free spins feature environment at Wall Street Fever progressive slot. The speed changes and a fancy music accompanies the spins. Very funny.:thumbsup:
I am certain they will add this to all other free-spins slots and soon it will become standard among most playtech casinos.

Perhaps someone else has noticed also other nice details.

Read about Playtech powered Les Ambassadeurs Casino here!
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Great Details Lousy Bonus Rounds

Played at Kiwi (Great casino lousy bonus games) and hit the bonus rounds twice after a few HUNDRED spins and picked a great multiplier and picked 3-4 spins each time...and ended up with this...

mind you now..its $2.00 a spin I am playing and it took a few HUNDRED spins to hit one bonus..and another few hundred to hit the second..figured I would take a screenshot of the second if it ended as bad as the first..take a look..sad to say, even Kiwi is going the way other casinos are..and they just had an UPGRADE ...right before I went to play..I noticed it when I logged in, saying updating/upgradin casino software...Interesting how the upgrades are supposedly good for the casino but bodes bad for the player...

So, when you see a casino updating/upgrading the fast...very, very fast...the other way! Remember Inetbet with thier so called "NEW" games and what a disaster they have become...same goes for here now..since introducing the new Progressinve BJ game...

Then I went to play BJ to build up my funds, and lo and behold..I bet $15 on 2hands a round and the dealer pulls a 21 (7,6,hits gets an 8) out after I dbl down on an 11 the first two hands, and pulls out 21 on the next 3 hands....gets bj next 2 hands..and I said enough...left the casino...

Gonna mosey on down to the nearest B&M to do some playing and leave these online thieves sense in feeding something when the odds are stacked this bad against you...

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