New playtech Easter Surprise slot.


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Aug 13, 2010
Heh,just wondered if anyone had played the new easter surpise slot??

I thought i would give it a try,as i got an email from betfred casino titled "heres some free money for you!",now me being me am quite partial to a bit of free money. So tried their "feel good" slot easter surprise logged in and got my free money and got the message "congratulations 1.00 credit has been added to your account",whoooopeeeee i thought that will get me far!

Anyway deposited and played and found it to be a clone of santa surprise,the clues in the name i suppose!The slot looks good but seems just as bad, the egg bonus payed me no more than 3 times my bet and never had free spins,I got 60 1.00 spins for my first 40 credits deposit.

First time i have been tempted by a playtech in months, I should have know better sucked in with a 1 credit bonus and ended up losing 150 in under an hour playing this game and iron man 2 which is total crap.


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Feb 14, 2007
Well then the $1 bonus served its purpose. The Casino was able to get you in and you made a deposit.




Mar 16, 2011
I joined some Playtech casino recently, can't remember which exactly :confused:

I think I deposited £150 and got a 100% match bonus (slots only) = £300 (?).

Got this up to £1200 after a while (2 days playing), and was almost at my WR for withdrawal.
Then all of a sudden.. absolute bloody nonsense. I spent the full £1200 in less than half an hour playing no more than £1.50 per spin on slot games. I was absolutely disgusted and immediately uninstalled the casino from my computer. :mad:

Yes! Got it. It was Circus Casino.

I had a similar experience with both Bet Fred and Bet365 Casino.


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Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
I got the mail from BetFred but they gave me $2! woohoo right? But on my second spin I got free spins, paid about $5 - the game wasn't doing too much so I just kept betting 20 cents, down to about $3 and hit 4 scatters for $10 plus another couple bucks for the spins.

The game sort of kept me going back and forth til I got up to $20 and I was bored with it, asked chat if I could play other games now, they said sure, so I hit a good round on that pirate one and the roman one and ended up with $60!

So I thought, hey it must be my lucky day, so went to Queen of the Pyramids and lost it all. :rolleyes:

So it was my lucky day for a little while til I got greedy, then it was all downhill. :thumbsup: