new player ???


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Jun 29, 2007
So Cal...Antelope Valley
i was wondering how come when playing poker in a tournament or in any game really ,you constantly see all these supposed great players crying over and over about " i can't believe you called with that hand or only an idiot would do blah blah blah " and it seems like they do this crying when they lose to these so called bad plays, isn't every ones hand their own to play how ever the hell they want, to freaking bad if it doesn't conform to the perfect play book or the right way to play a hand's real funny to me to see this happen over and over again


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Sep 19, 2007
I think it's funny when people do that too. I keep track of players like that by taking notes on them and storing them in my "Smart Buddy" software so that the next time I end up playing at a table with them I'll remember and know how to play. I can take advantage of their weaknesses then!

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