New payment method for online gambling


Solar Billing

The ever-growing need for a safe, reliable billing option for internet users, webmasters and casinos has finally been fulfilled. We are proud to announce the launch of Solar Billing, at! Solar Billing is your online credit card processing solution, and best of all there are NO RESTRICTIONS and NO SETUP FEES!

For internet merchants, it has become increasingly more difficult to obtain merchant accounts for online sales, especially in the so-called high risk areas. Many webmasters had to turn to a third-party billing system that would still allow them to accept credit cards since that ability is a necessity on the Internet. Now, the added regulations imposed on webmasters make it very difficult for some, and impossible for others, to use these third-party systems.

Now comes Solar Billing! Solar Billing has developed a system whereby persons who could not otherwise accept or use credit cards, for whatever reason, can now do so, without worrying about the restrictions imposed by the major credit card companies. If you are a casino or sportsbook, for example, you can now accept credit cards for payment without a merchant account. Additionally, bettors can use place bets using their credit cards in real time, and send money via email.

Solar Billing offers real-time credit card processing for all types of transactions. We have a complete set of webmaster features including a shopping cart, automatic rebilling, the ability to edit membership usernames and passwords right from the site, and of course instant online access to track account activity.

Not only can users accept credit cards for payment, they can accept checks, bank transfers, 900 billing, and more. Add Solar Billings extensive chargeback protection coupled with Certified by Visa security protocol and users have the safest, most reliable, stable payment processing solution available!

Webmasters using Solar Billing have complete control of all membership activities, including the ability to edit usernames and passwords, process automatic rebills and trial subscriptions, as well as monitor conversion rates. Payouts are simple as payments are made directly into users bank accounts in most instances, so there is no waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

Solar Billing offers a competitive standard percentage rate, but as with everything about the system, our rates can be customized for each of our clients. In order to prevent chargebacks, in addition to our extensive dispute resolution system, we have a 10% reserve for the first six months. However, during that period, users still have the full amount of their account available to send to other Solar Billing users. A users account matures in 30 days, after which time users can withdraw funds directly into their bank account, have checks issued, or utilize another form of payment. This is in order effort to prevent money laundering, as well as protecting our users.

Solar Billing took the best features of all the third-party billing systems, combined them with the convenience and security of the other alternative payment methods, took away the restrictions, and came up with one fantastic total billing/payment solution for everyone!


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