New Netent Starburst!! Yeah!!

Oh yeah! Netent Slots are reviewed at Casinomeister - to include their associated casinos! Woo woo!
I like starburst - don't play it much, but its usually one of a couple of games ill play when i dont have much balance left :)

I just noticed on netents twitter banner its showing a picture of this new 'starburst xxxtreme'. Be interesting to see what theyv done with it - maybe the wilds multiply or some other 'xtreme' mechanic. :)

(theres a little trailer on their twitter/youtube - but doesnt give much away).
Actually I like starburst. Game idea is simple and funny. Only thing what i hate is low paying there should be more options to hit big than just full house of BAR's what you will never get
Maybe its Starburst megaways.
I mean, thats what they have been releasing lately, re-making old slots into megaways versions of them.

I see we now have found all 3 people that like starburst.
Jokes aside, its still one of the most played slots, right?
I think its up there with Book of dead, reactoonz, doa, bonanza etc.
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It's a slot originally designed for players whose IQ is printed inside their shoes. Due to this fact, it became the go-to slot for casinos offering free spins as they knew it was impossible to ever win much on it due to its maths. That's why it was played so much. :):laugh::):laugh:
I just wonder how it's gonna be different from BerryBurst, which from what I can tell set out with the same goal: make starburst volatile
This game is so dire I cant even get through the free spins letalone using my cash on it. Hotline using the same wild respin thingy and is 1000x better than this crap slot
I can not believe I am even replying in a starburst thread. I detest this slot so much lol

I did find this though.


The video is asking for verification to watch it lol. But the slot name will be Starburst XXXTreme

Also I found some info that it has a max win of 200,000X bet max win........ I do not know if that is trustworthy or correct yet. I will not say the name of the site I found that info on but it was a well known YouTube Channel for big win videos.

I will be avoiding this like the coronavirus haha :p
Wonder what the RTP's would be like. Pretty certain the operators are all rubbing their hands waiting for the 93% math model.

Well on the same site that gave me the info for the max win of 200,000X bet max win it states it is 96% RTP But we all know that Net Entertainment new releases all have variable RTP's That casino operators can pick which they want in their casino brands. So it will mean the range will probably be from 91%-96%
It's not just extreme it's xxxtreme, must be good. Anything that say xxxtreme has slot of the year written all over it.
Also the original starburst might be crap at bug wins but it's still better than 9 out of 10 slots released these days.
Holy cow, remind me never to play this game again! Had a couple of nice wins on Immortal Romance and jumped ship to Starburst xxxtreme having never played it before. Got cocky and tried the £95 spin (no idea why, it sounded good at the time!) for 3 spins. It paid zero, £10 and £50 for a £285 stake in just 1 minute. Oooops.


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