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Feb 22, 2001

Play against the world's best on your cellphone...

Poker players on the go who sign up for the World Series of Poker mobile poker game launched this week will be able to pit their skills against world renowned poker pros like Johnny Chan, Elizabeth Shannon, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen, Annie Duke and Michael Mizrachi in virtual heads-up play.

The mobile gaming provider Glu Mobile Inc., has announced its new multi-year alliance with WSOP owner Harrah's during the period of maximum exposure flowing from the WSOP main event, scheduled to start later this week. The partnership brings the prestigious World Series brand to the mobile table, along with some of the tournament's most charismatic and expert participants.

Glu's game features top quality graphics that Chan describes in the launch press release as "more realistic than any I've seen on a mobile phone before."

There are also interesting new features, the company says. Among these is a tell function to where computerised AI opponents give off hints of the strength of the hand they are holding; advanced technology that 'learns' from the human gamer's tactics and modifies its own play in response and a tilt meter that fills up a player's 'frustration bank' to put them on tilt and reveal their tells to mess with their play.


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Jun 28, 2007
Never tried to play online-mobile...but don't know if it's worth :)

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