New Microgaming slots---end of july


RIP Donna :(
Aug 14, 2004
Microgaming to release more new slots...
Simmo......Here ya go!
From my Vegas Splendido emails

Golden Goose Genies Gems
Genie's Gems is a sparkling new video slot with a Wild symbol that not only substitutes for all other symbols except the golden Scatter orb, but triples the win, too. Other elements enhancing this fun and brightly coloured theme are a Magic Carpet, Minarets, a glittering Scimitar and the golden orb of the Scatter symbol, where wins are multiplied by the number of coins and lines paid.
Genie's Gems is the third in a series that includes the recently released but already hugely popular Winning Wizards and Totem Treasure, and like its predecessors it is linked to the unique Golden Goose Bonus Feature. The game is a 5 reel, 10 coin, 20 payline video slot with an additional 5 coins per line bet per spin for the Golden Goose Bonus Feature. This is an optional bet on the Golden Goose that opens up 4 randomly triggered Bonus Features to make those seriously big wins possible.

Our new 5 reel, 15 payline video slot Munchkins can give you great reward opportunities because it boasts a win-boosting Wild and a Scatter symbol, a very generous x20 Free Spin Bonus Feature....and a chance to double your money on the popular Gamble screen!
Scattered cookies on the reels can trigger the Free Spin Bonus Feature to award you with a lip-smacking 20 Free Spins, with all wins being doubled during the feature and the prospect of more spins within the spins. If you're feeling really lucky, you can double your money by taking a chance on the popular Gamble feature.

Our new Cashville video slot has it all and then some. A 5 reel 20 payline video slot with Wild and Scatter symbols, a double your money Gamble Feature and for the first time a choice of 4 entertaining and rewarding bonus benefactors; truly an impressive range of thrills and excitement packed into a major game with serious rewards for the fortunate.
Using the latest graphic design techniques and technology, the theme introduces a variety of amusing bonus symbols and personalities, including oil baron Bill Bullion and a choice of oil rigs, the blue rinsed Dame Von Deeds with her tempting property portfolio, a suave Sir Sterling with his many bulging bank vaults and the extraordinary art collection of blonde widow Betty Boodle. And that's just on the bonus feature!
Cheers Gapernut. The more geese the merrier for me :) Cashville sounds potentially interesting too, though i guess that 2nd one is just a re-hashed Cabin Fever/Elementals etc etc.

Good info tho...ta :thumbsup:
I wish I could play all these newer slots at MG casinos...the only trouble is that each spin just takes wayyyy tooooo looong. Any slot from secret admirer on up is too slow for me. I just can't figure out why.
That would most likely be either your connection to the net, or the number of users on the casino server. I'm on a 4mbps cable connection, and at certain times of the day, those reels will spin 30 seconds or longer. Would be murder playing on a 56k modem.
tunisianswife said:
I wish I could play all these newer slots at MG casinos...the only trouble is that each spin just takes wayyyy tooooo looong. Any slot from secret admirer on up is too slow for me. I just can't figure out why.

Hi Wife! I don't know if you took my advice before.. but as I had stated prior, it can be your connection and/or the fact that your computer just hasn't got enough horse-power to handle the graphic intense application. You've heard of others complaining that the MG software devours their system resources and forces their CPU to run at its maximum capabilities. One thing that helped me out when I was in between desktop units and had to use my notebook was to set the screen resolution in windows to either 800X600 or even at the lowest 640X480. I also turned the colors down to 16, which is the minimum. You may have programs running in the background that eat up your system resources, and you don't know it. Click on the start tab, click on "run" .. type in msconfig . Once you are in there... click on the "Startup" tab. That is a list of everything your computer loads when you turn it on. Figure out which ones are unnecessary and take them out of the line-up. Restart your computer. If these things do not help you, then it may be that your connection is bad, or you need to get a faster machine.
Golden Goose Genies Gems
If you like the Golden Goose - well here's another. Played for a while but no goose. I did hit four scatters twice which was nice.

At first I thought it would be a Wizard of Oz take off, but it has to do with "munching" as in eating. All the symbols have a bite taken out of them. Somebody is doing good bong hits at Microgaming. I was getting ready to punch my screen to get the free spins when they finally came on.

Absolutely my favorite of the three. The graphics are superb. And the character voices are a scream. You have to hit the bonus round to hear them, but I was able to hit the bonuses often enough to hear all four of them. The Baroness is a man in drag - I knows it. I had a good time with this one. Two thumbs up for Cashville :thumbsup:
I haven't had any luck with any of the new ones yet. I love MG slots, I am glad they keep new ones coming. I can't even stand to play slots anywhere else though!
I'm not overly impressed. I did play munchkins - on the 20th free spin I had three more then three more again the next spin. That was nice a good little win. It allowed me to play the game and cashout without losing any thing.
Somebody is doing good bong hits at Microgaming.


I cannot wait to try Cashville, may even have to turn my speakers on for it. I have the puter hooked up to the surround sound sytem for tv, etc. and sometimes it is just too loud. But if the sounds are that good, maybe I'll have to have a couple soda pops and see how I do.

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