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Mar 29, 2002
I just got an email from Lucky Nugget telling me about new games they just added:

CashSplash Progressive Video Slot
Major Millions Progressive Video Slot
Scull Duggery Video Slot
Vinyl Countdown Video Slot
Jacks or Better 10 Play Power Poker

Anyone know if these are available at any other MG casinos yet? Or is this exclusive. I'm intrigued by the first 4, they sound like something different.

Walking the plank for fun and profit in new video slot

The most dangerous looking but amusing pirates you ever saw are offering players the chance to win big in Skull Duggery, an entertaining new 5 reel, 9 payline video slot debuting at XXXXXXX Casino.

The game is the latest feature-rich, advanced slot from Microgaming and has the wild, scatter and x3 Multiplier possibilities that have made The Big Kahuna such a hit in online gambling, all presented in a big, bright package with tons of fun.

In theme, Skull Duggery offers an amusing, high spirited pirate treasure game full of bold graphics and entertaining sounds and animations. It has a humorous Caribbean flavour, filled with oddball characters and luscious "wild" fruits which is sure to appeal to most players and comes on the heels of the hit movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".

But the real fun comes in the Booty Bonus, where players select 1 out of 5 possibilities. The Pirate Captain has found valuable items missing from his personal treasure trove, and the usual suspects from his motley crew have been hauled up on deck for a lineout, and what a scurvy gang they are! The thief can expect a short stroll off the gangplank into shark infested waters, and the captain will richly reward the player with plenty of pirate plunder for identifying the guilty party.

Behind the high quality graphics and fast gameplay of Skull Duggery is Viper, Microgaming's elegant, cutting edge gambling software that empowers the player with a host of optional assists, features and analytical information to enhance the gambling experience. No other software on the market offers as wide a range of facilities, including autoplay as this.

XXXXX Casino launches latest 15 payline progressive

If you're a Major Millions big win progressive fan, the latest version of this hugely popular game will have you polishing your medals and reporting to XXXXXX Casino for some serious action!

The three reel format of the Microgaming powered progressive has been extensively upgraded to an exciting five reel video slot platform that offers players 15 paylines for a maximum bet of $3.

Instead of the original game's three paylines, you'll have fifteen chances to pull The Big One in Internet gambling that has already created three instant millionaires and hundreds of other significant winners.

The look, digital quality sounds and feel of Major Millions will be familiar, but there's a bigger thrill factor that includes a x3 wild multiplier to add to the excitement, and players can deposit up to fifteen 20 cent coins for maximum returns when the main target is hit and those five grinning Major logos appear in the right place and change your life.

For those who prefer the original three reel Major Millions, this original version of the game will remain in service. The new 5 Reel video slot Major Millions will play to the same Jackpot Madness progressive network, giving players the opportunity to choose which game they feel will best show them the way to the big money.

Vinyl Countdown strikes a chord

Come and get your 'Sixties groove on at XXXXX Casino this week as we launch Vinyl Countdown, the new video slot with the fun retro appeal.

One look at the cool 'n colourful graphics tells you that Vinyl Countdown and its popular retro-music theme is going to be a blast, with a cutting edge 5 reel, 9 payline video slot style that is sure to strike a rock 'n roll chord.

With its funky action, catchy tunes, great sound and bright and breezy graphics it will have you bopping and jiving the night might even notice Elvis in there somewhere!

The Wild Jukebox substitutes for all symbols except for scatters, increasing the players' chances of winning. And the Mirror Ball dazzles as it scatters pays across all 5 reels. The mouth watering low end dessert symbols evoke strong memories of the soda fountain and are sure to give gamblers positive recall on banana splits and ice cream sundaes.

The game is the latest advanced video slot from Microgaming, and comes on the versatile and facilities-laden Viper software.

This one really rocks, so come on over and see it for yourself!

Big win progressive just got more exciting

The three reel Cash Splash slot that started the big win progressives goldrush on the Internet several years back has an up-to-the-minute companion launching now - Cash Splash Progressive Video Slot.

XXXXXXXXX Casino is among the first to offer the new game, and the difference is striking, because it not only features fresh and vibrant graphics and high speed action, but a five reel, nine line gaming experience completely in tune with the latest playing trends that will appeal to a wide range of online gamblers.

The original three reel version of this hugely popular game remains in service, with both versions now linked to the same progressive through the trusted Jackpot Madness network in order to give players more choice but the prospect of seriously big wins. Jackpot Madness led the industry in introducing progressives and has paid out a total of over $100 million in prizes through its eleven games over the years.

Cash Splash Video Slot stays with a winning presentation formula, but has been boosted to a five reel, 9 line platform with a wild multiplier and scatter symbol that can double the jackpot. The top jackpot prize offers very high win values, with even the second highest payouts attractive at 6400 coins (3200 coins x 2 wild multiplier)

Wagers are taken at one 25 cent coin (minimum bet) per payline, giving a maximum of 9 coins or $2.25 per spin.
This quote from WOL, BaDaBoom post:

New Games

The following games are being added to our Viper Casino clients on April 29:
- CashSplash Progressive Slot upgrade
- Major Millions Video Slot upgrade
- Jacks or Better 10 Play
- Skull Duggery Bonus Slot
- Vinyl Countdown.

So, few more days :)
Thanks Sodax! That explains why I can't find them anywhere yet, lol.

Geez, now I gotta wait 5 more days :(
Damn, I "hate" MG's game.LOL~
I deposit $200 to captain cooks after I read the post about the new games. They didn't have it yet. However, I hook on the Thunderstruck and the couch potato games.

I had fun for the last few hours :) . Of course, the $200 is bye-bye now. Well, April is definitely NOT my month. Good luck to you all~ :p
Oh, goodie, more high edge slot games for impoverished people to lose their mini-mart, welfare and unemployment checks on. How sad. And on top of that, the games are probably rigged. Some of you need to get a clue. Save a few dollars and buy a book on gambling math and probabilitythe life you save may be your own.

GA is only a click away. Bryan has a link on this site. I suggest some of you use it.
Oh please Dirk, make up your mind. Are you giving up online gambling or not?

I'm fully aware of the odds on slot machines and how they can be manipulated, I don't play those for anything other than fun. I play vp to win money, which I do pretty well.
Dirk, you're entitled to your view but just tell me one thing. It is directly related to your constant attacks on online gambling and avowed abstinence from it.

What is the purpose of these bitter, negative posts here, at WOL and for all I know elsewhere on the Internet? Are you trying to impose your opinion on gamblers for altruistic reasons?

Have you stopped visiting online casinos and gambling?
Drink, I admitt I like to gamble and I can afford it. I don't do it to "make" money. It's fun and entertainment and it has always been under my budget.

I have a very nice income & investments and save more than 25% every year for my retirements and my kids college funds. I didn't say I am rich but I have a good life and I can afford some expensive entertainment sometimes.

Could you please relax a little bit here???? Thank you for your advise. I will keep it in mind if I ever need it one day.

BTW, my stocks investment is worse than the casino these 2 months. Any organization I can go to???? :rolleyes:
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Dirk Dangerous must of taken some losses lately that he couldn't afford... you can always tell................ :lolup:
bewitch said:
BTW, my stocks investment is worse than the casino these 2 monhs. Any organization I can go to???? :rolleyes:
Lol, the bond I bought was falling non-stop as the interest rate goes up. I was loosing a few hundred daily last month.
Last year I enjoyed a beefy 30% return for my total investment, I guess now it's my time to take some punishment.
In the long run, all the up and down will be even out. IMO it's still a wise decision to invest on stocks/bonds/real estate.
I know what you mean. I was making a nice return last year but terrible this 2 months. The money disappeared hunders daily. However, there few things different between gambling and investments. Tax is one of them. ;)

I am agree with your belief. My longterm investment is: mutual funds and property. Stock market is just my "play" money like gambling :D .
Bewitch = one smart lady

Dear Bewitch:

Sounds to me like you have it all together my friend. You are very smart with your money, and like me, we gamble for entertainment. Bewitch, you are so right for saving 25% of your income. We never know when life will toss us some curve balls and we need a financial cushion to help us deal with the blow (may you never have a curve ball tossed your way). I started planning for my daughter's and son's colleges when they were born. The years have gone so fast, and I cannot believe that Lauren will be starting college in the fall of this year. I started both their investments in mutual funds and now I am ready for her to attend college (no loans, no nothing).
Next year Brian will start high school, so I will be paying both the college and his high school tuition and here in NY high school tuitions are more than some colleges. Bewitch, stay the path you are on my friend. You are doing right by yourself and your family. By the way, the next dinner I get invited to, you will be my date!!!!
***hugs, love and kisses****
Linda :p
Well I tried out the new games last nite and they were pretty good. I didn't bother with 10 line JoB since its going to be the same as 10 line A&F.

Anyway, Skullduggery was VERY tight. I was getting little or now wins and finally hit the bonus when I was just about busted (started with $100). Played a bit more after that to get back up even, then went on to the Vinyl Countdown.

That one was hitting like CRAZY! Within my first few spins, I hit 4 scatters for a quick $112.50 win. Hit that one 2 or 3 more times too :D Lots of other wins in between, both big and small. Ended up cashing in $300 from this game, leaving another $100 in my account to try the next 2. Now on to Cash Splash 15 line :eek:

At first, 15 line sounds like alot, but its only 20 cents/line, so each max bet spin is only $3 (the same for Major Millions 15 line). This one was slow to start, but then picked up pretty nicely. Hit 5 cherries at one point with only 1 cherry and 4 cash splash symbols. Unfortunately, the way they lined up, it was only 1 wild before the cherry, so I didn't get the big bucks that 3 or 4 wilds would have paid. But still not bad. Hit some more good spins, including some scatter wins. I was up and down on this one, never managed to double my money so when I got back to $100, I went over to Major Millions.

This one is just like Cash Splash, except the wilds triple the win when it completes a combination. This one had some good wins too, first spin was a $60 hit for me. I hit some scatters or something and was able to cashin another $100, leaving $100 to play with. Kept playing that one until I busted out, but it was fun while it lasted.

Not bad overall, started with 100, cashed out 400 and played another 100 out to $0 over about an hour. All in all it was alot of fun! :thumbsup:
Beer is food!

jpm said:
Anyway, Skullduggery was VERY tight. I was getting little or now wins and finally hit the bonus when I was just about busted (started with $100). Played a bit more after that to get back up even, then went on to the Vinyl Countdown.

It was the opposite with me. I made a $100 deposit at Spin Palace, and it lasted quite a while with Skullduggery, but I got my ass kicked with the Vinyl Countdown.

But then I paid a visit at Crazy Vegas. :D I had some cash in que, so I reversed $100 and nailed Major Millions game for about $150 right off the bat. Then I went to Skullduggery with about $250 and began making $9 spins. I couldn't stop making the bonus round spins. Each time was 750 coins (about $150) and I'd cash it out.

My biggest joy was finding out that they consider Beer a food symbol. What class! I hit 4 beer mugs with a wild symbol and it was a shit load of cash (can't remember what). I turned the $100 into about $1,100 cashed out about $800 and donated the rest to Power Poker Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, and Joker and Deuces. :D
WTG! :thumbsup: I did hit that 4 beer mug (grog? ale?) thing with a wild myself on one of the few winning combos I got as well and it was big bucks. The only time I hit the bonus round it was for 600 coins. Not bad.

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