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Mar 29, 2002
I don't know if anyone else has tried them yet, but the new microgaming games are GREAT! Big Kahuna, new 9 line slot; 10 hand Aces & Faces; Bonus Blackjack; and 3 Card Poker. Just finished playing these 4 new games over the past couple of hours and I'm up 110%! (mostly on A&F)

3 Card poker - 50 cent minimum bet on this one (at FL casinos at least), I was playing it for a buck a spot. Played great, lots of pairs, flushes, a couple of str8s and a str8 flush (dealer qualified!). No expert play on this game, but really who needs it. Nice fast action game.

Bonus BJ - $1 minimum on this one. Played it for $1 per spot as well. Uses 2 decks and american hole card rule. Good bj game, with a 5:2 payout if your first 2 cards are suited. I got that alot, but strangely enough the dealer had an ace almost every time this happened. Very odd. Also pays for A+J suited bj, didn't get any of these and more for AJ spades BJ. Saw the dealer get one of those, I didn't. Lost 1/2 my stake on this one, but no big deal. It seemed pretty fair for MG BJ.

Big Kahuna - This is one fun slot. Its similar to the other 9 line slots that MG has recently come out with, but this one has scatters, wilds, and 2 bonus games. The bonus games on this one are a bit different though. In order to get to the bonus game, the symbols must be on a payline (unlike the other new 9 line games). There are volcanoes and masks. Gotta get 3 or more of either to get into their respective bonus games. The masks bonus game is MUCH better than the volcano game, and came up more often when I played it. 3 or more volcanoes on a payline and you get to pick one of 5 or 6 symbols to drop into the volcano, which then spits out your coin win. I think the amount is based on how many spins in between each volcano bonus game. I hit 3 early on and got a 200 coin payout. Then after many many spins, got there again and this time got 675 coin payout (max for 3 volcanoes). The masks game is a bit different, get there and you pick from 10 masks. Each has either a number or 'collect' behind it. There are 7 masks with numbers, 3 with collect. The game ends when you pick a collect mask and you collect the total of the coins you've found so far. Hit this one quite a few times, but 2 or 3 times I picked collect on the first mask. That is the worst, you get only a token amount then (10 coins per unturned mask). But on a couple of other occassions, I got 650,1000, 1100, 1500 coins (give or take a couple of dozen). Also hit some good payouts on the regular part of the game, and some good scatter (monkey) pays. 3 scatters pays 10x your bet. I made either 100% or 150% on this game. Cool sound effects too. If you like the other new 9 line slots, you'll probably love this one.

10 hand aces & face - Same game as the 4 line power poker version but you can play for as little as 10cents per hand ($5 for max bet at that level). Set your options for fast play for a good pace, and of course expert mode so you don't have to click too much to hold cards. This one was most lucrative. I hit 4 aces twice in one round after being dealt 3. Also hit a str8 flush on one hand after being dealt 4 cards of it. Also some good 4ok hands (a couple of which were face cards). And twice was DEALT a full house! (also dealt a str8 2x and flush 1x) That was worth a quick $100 when playing quarters at max bet. I was really hoping to be dealt 4 aces again like I was the other nite playing power poker A&F. That would be a nice $1000 hit. Made 100-150% on this one, which I played the most (at 3 or 4 different casinos).

Deposited 500 total in 4 different casinos, withdrew $1050. Not a bad couple of hours 'work', and alot of fun too. Hope that helps you, and hope you have as good luck at them as I did.

FYI, I played these at Jupiter Club, 7 Sultans, Platinum Play, and Vegas Palms.
Yeah Microgaming continues to rule the casino industry :notworthy

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