New microgaming casino/poker room..??


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Jun 20, 2001
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Hey Gang

Got this email today and it looks like a new MG poker/casino venture. Very good signup bonus I must say!

Trouble is, when you go to the casino site it gives some kind of webfolder etc - very odd.

Anyway, not sure who owns it or if USA are allowed but thought I would post to get any feedback from anyone who might know.

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Any feedback on this casino anyone?

Looks like a template casino page, not really impressive.
That's one crap name for a poker room and casino "" lol!

I'd be suspicious...yes it "says" it's MG, but the domain is not only a second-rate name, but it is also registered privately (anonymously) on Whois. Add to that it points to a directory page, plus the fact it's registered through Godaddy and only for a year (!!) which is not the normal path a casino would follow (unless they had no money!).

Doesn't look right to me at first glance.

Avoid until there is more info.
I've removed the bonus codes in case this was an exclusive bonus sent to Nifty29. If other players use it, they may run into problems.

Like Simmo! said, I'd wait and see on this one.

Well, this is either a scam, or a new launch cocked up big time, which will ruin their reputation before they have even got one.

The casino offer expires TOMORROW, yet even now, the casino portals are still "under construction", and the "contact us" links are not clickable (so cannot see the contact info).
Looks like a case of get deposits now, build casino later. Not very promising, and certainly does not look like MG for the poker, and MG casinos tend to use Microgaming poker network software.
Thanks Bryan - didnt think of that about the codes :)

I just checked and they are the same on the site, but doesnt seem much point if you cant even get the casino up anyway :rolleyes:

I agree about being a place to avoid!!

Maybe they should have tried 'forsuckersonly'
Just checked the details of the email I received and found it actually came from:

'bj21' rings a bell......not sure why but it does. seems to be some kind of online shop.

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) is some Open Source site shows up as an apache server

Curiouser and curiouser.... seeme to be Stanford Wong's site and shop - unlikely to want to be involved. "bj21marketing" seems to be a site providing Open Source marketing and news delivery software, highly likely to be involved.
Possibly, this is some kind of "training exercise" that escaped from it's cage.
Since the casino banner shows four Microgaming slots, Microgaming may be the best ones to comment, as this could reflect badly on them (a scammer using MG branding, if it does turn out to be a scam). MG never respond to the public, so it will have to come from the likes of Bryan.

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