new micro Aug 28???


RIP Donna :(
Aug 14, 2004
I have gotten emails from casinos saying new set of microgaming games....Aug 28th.... Chain Mail, Bush telegraph..and another GG
Anyone seen yet??
From this week's Casinomeister News:


More awards, great new video poker and slots with rewarding bonuses.

August has truly been a red letter month for Trident group casinos King Neptune's ( Trident Lounge ( and Vegas USA ( with top independent awards, and the launch of 4 brand new games.

The awards come from the respected gambling publication Strictly Slots and include first prizes for Best Video Poker and Slot Tournaments, together with third placing for Best Online Casino For Slots, Best Sign Up Bonus and Best Customer Service from a group. The latter includes Trident Poker in its accolade.

Trident spokesman Scott Gaines said that awards from major publications like Strictly Slots were motivational for Trident staff, and were always received with enthusiasm. "The Trident people behind the scenes in the Support, Technical and Accounting departments always get a big charge out of significant medals, despite the many we have earned from different entities over the years," he said.

Gaines went on to link the new games for August with the latest awards. "One of the reasons for Trident's success is that we constantly keep our games fresh and entertaining, and this year that has meant launching 4 new games every month."

This month's flagship, the Chain Mail 5 reel, 20 payline video slot will give hours of entertainment and open many doors of bonus opportunity as it presents several exciting new concepts in slot rewards for the first time.

With Wild and Scatter symbols complemented by a brand new bonus feature that can bring royal reward or be stopped dead in its tracks by the angry Uncle Mordread, Chain Mail is full of the twists and turns of Fortune.

The brightly coloured graphics feature a zany mix of medieval icons and modern elements such designed to intrigue and amuse, and the maximum jackpot in currency on the base game is an appealing $15 000 (30 000 coins)

The popularity of the recently introduced Golden Goose bonusing program is the basis for the fourth video slot game in this imaginative bonusing series, branded Crazy Chameleons. This is a 5 reel, 10 coin, 20 payline with an additional 5 coins for the special and very generous bonus feature. Red and green chameleons trigger Wild and Scatter rewards teamed with the optional Golden Goose bonus program.

With a carefree, bright and breezy seaside holiday vibe that uses surfboards, suntans and seagulls interspersed with those winning chameleons the game has an entertaining theme. The base game has a generous maximum jackpot of $5 000 coins or 10 000 in currency, however once the Golden Goose feature is selected by the player, 250 coins come into play which with free spins can yield a jackpot of 300 000 coins or $60 000 in currency.

Video players have not been overlooked this month as the latest in the popular 50 Play Power Poker series, Deuces Wild debuts.

With big jackpots that pay up to $50 000, the Deuces in the deck are wild and substitute for any card to complete a winning hand. Deuces Wild operates on the facilities-rich Viper software platform, where in addition to autohold, the analyzer tables give guidance on current odds and cover permutations to help gamblers make the right decision. Razor sharp, clean and lean graphics allied to generous pay tables, ensure that this new 50 Play game will feature high on the play lists of most VP fans.

August's final game is truly Out of Africa. Branded Bush Telegraph, this 5 reel, 15 payline video slot duplicates the fast play and thrilling, big free spins bonus and reward features of Tomb Raider, presented in a uniquely African setting that captures the vibrancy, colour and exotic wildlife of the jungle.

With the right combinations, a maximum jackpot of $37 500 can be achieved, and with the free spin x 3 multiplier feature that reward can soar to $112 500.
new games

Well...Vegas Splendido email said.....
"Here are some details on the new games that we will launch on 28th August on our Viper Software, Download Now."

did somemore digging and found it may be 29th...darn it all...was looking for them today...probably won't be till midnight tonight....Trident is usually the first with the new ones..

Oh well, guess I will wait till tonight...
Chain Mail is by far the most interesting - especially the bonus round. I've had a few good hits here so far.

I haven't hit the bonus round in Bush Telegraph yet :( Been dealing with Deuces Wild 50 play instead :thumbsup:

And then there is Multi Strike....must...stop...
Chain Mail took me way over 300 spins to hit the bonus round, rewarding me with a poor 1800 coin win! It fell in shortly after however for a slightly more pleasing 5500 coin win (which let me right up to the top row). Bush Telegraph is pretty much Tomb Raider, but the Free Spins annoyed me twice by going all the way through the spins and giving me Nada! Hit the Bongo malarkey three or four times for anything between 450 and 1100 coins...

Nothing too spectacular to report on either really...

Crazy Chameleons Golden Goose, see the other three... Hit the goose three times for a 'deposited' 400 coin win, a 600 coin win - then the lines of eggs for 2000... I hate that damn goose!!!! Heh hee..
Slotster! said:
Hit the goose three times for a 'deposited' 400 coin win, a 600 coin win - then the lines of eggs for 2000... I hate that damn goose!!!! Heh hee..
Having played the previous Golden Goose slots, a more appropriate name would've been Tarnished Turkey. JMO, YMMV... Especially if your name is Simmo! :D

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