new MG slot throne of egypt


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has anyone played this yet

over 600 spins in go wild no feautres and over 400 in 32 red no features.....:confused:


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I played for about 100 spins betting $1 and got the free spin feature twice. Both times I only won $6 :rolleyes:
My first impression of this game is poor as in normal play I hardly even got my bet back a hand full of times and my fs features sucked but I guess I only played around 100 spins.


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About 3 spins in, hit the free spins for around 6x bet.

Spun over 200 more times, couldn't hit another feature, and only one win over 20x bet.


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tbh i had a few decent in game hits...a couple of 200x bets....

but have now played over 1500 spins in 3 diferent casinos and not hit either of the feautures yet


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Similar expereince= about 460+ spins before a feature came up= however paid fairly cosistently in no feature mode (was playing $2 a spin and only had a net loss of $48)=feature was rubbish when it came. Perhaps one to grind out a bonus on.


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Throne of Egypt was fun for me!

I had 2x free spins and 2x bonus rounds in the first 20 spins. Never won anything huge but I did end up slightly ahead for my session and had a lot of fun meanwhile. Will definitely play this one again! :thumbsup:


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As a small-time gambler, I spent a couple of hours playing, but only achieved the scatter & bonus once.
However, I was about even (a few $'s down) when I decided I was just wasting my time.
The pays for 5 of a kind are poor and the bonus, scatter and substitute don't appear often enough.

I went back to my favorite slots, got a bonus and withdrew a small win. I'll stick to the slots that have continually seen me walk away with a few bucks.


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i tried this slot 2 days ago and the payout is crap, is one of those thats made only for entertainment, reminds me of eagles wings.


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I have tried on 3 occasions with this game. No luck. I kept on playing because I was just bound and determined to get the bonus round. Never did. I managed 2 free spins, but won practically nothing. Might give this a miss in the future. It reminds me too much of Centre Court, which for me has never paid anything.

I do look forward to the new games. Sometimes they are really good, and other times.....just no.

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