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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Is MG releasing more new games today? I was just going through my emails, and found one from Vegas Splendido saying there are four more to be launched this morning. Avalon Video Slot, Twister Video Slot, European Roulette Gold Series and Double Joker 100 Play Power Poker.

It figures, I went and played last night. That's what I get for not going through all my emails. Can we have some feedback if and when anyone plays them? Thanks. :D
Today would make sense. Its normally the 28th or thereabouts but public holidays this week and next may bring it forward a bit.
New Games Coming Soon

[8:05a] Connecting Me to Casino Desk
[8:05a] Thank you for holding. A customer service representative shall be with you shortly.
[8:06a] Connected to agent Lindelee
[8:06a] Lindelee wrote:
Thank you for contacting the Casinodesk, how may I assist you?
[8:06a] Me wrote:
Hi...I had heard rumors that MG casinos are releasing new games today
[8:06a] Me wrote:
is that true?
[8:07a] Lindelee wrote:
Hold on while I check for you.
[8:07a] Me wrote:
[8:13a] Lindelee wrote:
Yes, there are a few new games released today.
[8:13a] Me wrote:
Is there a time frame as to when today?
[8:14a] Lindelee wrote:
I just want to confirm if the games has been loaded onto the gaming servers already. Please hold on.
[8:14a] Me wrote:
[8:18a] Lindelee wrote:
This would be loaded within the next 6hours.
[8:19a] Me wrote:
Ok...thanks for your help!
[8:19a] Lindelee wrote:
You're Welcome
Here is the info I received on Avalon


Ride with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table and embark on a mythical adventure to Avalon - the enchanted isle where the great Excalibur awaits the return of the King.

Our NEW 20-Reel, 5-Payline, Multi-Coin Video Slot promises to awaken the magic in all of us, comprising of a Wild and Scatter Symbol, a Free Spins Bonus Feature, a Mystery Multiplier Feature plus a Gamble Feature.

The Lady of the Lake is the Scatter and also triggers the Free Spins Bonus Feature, when she appears 3, 4 or 5 times anywhere on the reels. Instantly you are rewarded with 12 FREE SPINS and winnings are increased by a Mystery Multilpier of between 2x to 7x.

An ancient Treasure Chest and Avalon Castle are Wild during the Free Spins Bonus Game and substitute for all symbols except The Lady of the Lake. Whilst in the base game, Avalon Castle is also Wild and again substitutes for all symbols except The Lady of the Lake.

In the Gamble Feature, an intrepid knight can Double winnings if the right color is chosen and Quadruple winnings if the right suit is selected.

With a bet range of 0.01 to 0.50 and a possible 10 coins per payline, a maximum bet of 100.00 can reward you with a base game Jackpot of 15,000 (3,000 Coins)! However, this can soar to an incredible 105,000 if maximum rewards are won in the Free Spin Bonus Feature!

Take a spin at this epic Slot today and enjoy a truly spectacular experience!
With a bet range of 0.01 to 0.50 and a possible 10 coins per payline, a maximum bet of 100.00 can reward you with a base game Jackpot of 15,000 (3,000 Coins)! However, this can soar to an incredible 105,000 if maximum rewards are won in the Free Spin Bonus Feature!

Which means the top payout is 150x so its one of those slots that runs you down slower with fewer BIG wins.
I tried them at Roxy right when they came.

It is bascially just a clone of old 20 freespins/*2 multiplier slots. But the
graphics is nice and it does not have the stupid 9TJQKA for the lower pay symbols :thumbsup:

Very simular to Kathmandu with but 20 lines instead of 9 (so you can waste your money even faster!) and the random free spin multiplier is now 2-7 instead of 2-6.

Loaded/Isis/Moonshine are still the best of the newer slots. (I know a lot dont
agree with Isis though)

I played Avalon and heres my session, I assume this is going to be not normal, but macine was real active.
400 spins at 2.00 bet per spin
10 bonus rounds with 1 retrip in the same session
$225.00 these are bonus spin totals.
Theres a couple screenshots on winner screen page
I was 1 off the 5 wilds with 4 times multiplier at 1 point.
Good Game so far for me , but I am sure wont last, hope you all see some decent play!
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Nice one, gcrown :)

My opinion of both slots: :puke:

Avalon took 303 spins to give me a bonus - then returned a total of 23x, not particularly exciting. I thought I was seeing Kathmandu (bonus style) combined with Isis (forever between bonuses) here... I almost like Isis better if that's possible...

Twister was hitting frequently - even got a retrigger - but again the value returned was quite bad.

I may alter my opinion later - but right now I think I'll just go back to Moonshine and Loaded and Harveys, with the occasional hit-and-run on Isis.
Thanks Spear, Isis wow one tough tight game for me all month I probably have had 5,000 spins with 6 bonus rounds, not one bonus over 100.00 at a 2.00 bet the whole month, OUCH! It seems to be a real hard one to trip, but I guess its random and someone has experienced good play on that game its just not me LOL, I would like to try twister but it seems the site I am playing on ha snot put it up yet? Good Luck

Let's see...

Yes, characteristic slow creep of loading bar and the ever characteristic "double launch" of an upgraded MG casino..



Cmon (goes for pee)....

Oh for goodness sake,.....


CANCEL.......(PC ignores all requests)....


Casino loading screen stares back in defiance like a teenager who has just been told to tidy their bedroom.


Oh sod this!
(Goes to deal with a tardy withdrawal from another casino and makes a cup of tea)

Finally manages to launch All Slots....
Double Joker installs.. (drinks tea)
Posts experience on Casinomeister and checks back on casino.

Avalon, Twister and Roulette show as ready....
Great, lets do my b******s on Avalon and Twister:D

PC says "show some restraint" and promptly ejects me from the casino mid-spin [this last one is a prediction based on earlier MG experience of "fancy" slots].
How exciting is it to win 5-8 cents over and over again (on 20 cent spins)? Then you hit the bonus spins and win $2?! Woohoo!! (not). The new games are boring.

I can't wait till next month when MG puts in some new images and sound effects and calls it a new game again.

When are the slot designers coming back from vacation anyways?
Simmo! said:
Wow Spear. You went through the 3,000 Post barrier today :D

Geez... didn't even notice...

... now if some casino would give me a buck for every post I've ever made at Casinomeister... hint hint... hell even a dime for every post...

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