New MG Game - "High Life"


I predict a riot.
Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
That's a funny one, eh? Symbols anywhere on the line and 430 spins before I hit the feature... Mega low variance, but strangely addictive!

What do you think?

(Waits for Zoozie :D)
...another slot I've not played yet...

"Porky Payout" - lol. And both have that really annoying "Inca Gold" type clicky sound going on when the reels land. It's like they forgot to put a soundfile in the d/l :rolleyes: I got the 10 free spin feature on the 8th spin for 26x but I'd already lost interest...those cheap sounding...yuk :eek2:

Rams 10, Pigs 0

The two Bonus Pokers on the other hand are a welcome addition :D Still like to see Double Bonus at 10 and 50 play tho so I don't have to put up with Crypto's "regurgitated card" syndrome and the "quicklaunch hijack" policy, but these are a good interim option.
Here's another new one out today. 118 spins to first feature. Choose a crate to determine # free spins, choose another crate for multiplier. Free spins don't retrigger.

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