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Hey All,

I'm Trig, I work in affiliate marketing and I'm based in Tallinn, Estonia (I'm a brit).

I write various editorials concerned with the online casino world, that's my main task at present.

Our site is casino daily news and we have sister sites in norwegian, swedish and finnish languages.

We're affiliated to most of the reputable online casinos and the big names.

I'm quite new to this so still finding my feet, my background was in publishing in the UK and then mostly teaching English and proofreading/translating in the baltic states.

Naturally I came across casino meister in the course of research.

Looking forward to being a member of casino meister and hopefully contributing something of value.



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new member cont'd.

PS I game myself, at a very low level for now. Got my fingers burnt already at Spin Palace regarding payouts.

Occasionally go to land based as well, and made some v. small winnings on Roulette and, having memorized the tables, BlackJack too - yay me!

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