New Live Game from Playtech - Money Drop Live


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Feb 11, 2013
Kent - England
Playtech has launched a new live entertainment game.

This one has a bit of a twist. The game is in two parts - the first part pays a multiplier on your bet, up to a maximum of 5000x. The second part of the game is where you try and keep as much of the money as you can. What's left at the end of the game rounds is yours to keep.

It's based on the 100k Drop TV show, where you have to place money on up to 4 drop zones. If you find the safe zone, depending on the game you're playing you either keep the cash that remains or play another round. You can decide whether to play conservatively or go gung-ho for the big payouts.

It's out in Beta at the moment at a restricted number of sites, but that will change in the next few weeks.

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if you're interested. If not I've done a video for Youtube.