New live casino


Ex-Bonus Whore
Sep 3, 2003
A new live casino on its way.I hope it to be much better than casinowebcam at least in terms of cashouts.Sounds interesting.... :cool:

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adam anhang is really a great CEO and nice guy. He is really good to his clients. I hope his ventures turn out well as I will continue to be a great client of Casinowebcam.
agreed. i hope that he see's that the cashouts (once per week) just isn't up to par with most of his competition. Adam, please make cashouts at least twice a week (wednesday and Saturday for example).
It's about time...

to have an other good live online casino besides webcam. For some reason I think seeing the actual cards it makes it more believable when the dealer get BJ 3 times in a row :eek:
I would like to see a seriously improved software and better BJ rules like 6decks,double on any cards and re-splitting allowed.Also i dont like to know the card before hits the table which is the case now due to the 'eye' in the show.It's not realistic....

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